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How to defeat the Islamist fanatics

NYP: [Ralph Peters] Since 9/11, our leaders have chosen not to defeat Islamist terrorism.

Their sins have been those of omission, of essential actions avoided and crippling self-delusion.

Consistently, they have denied the nature and scope of the threat. Even the George W. Bush administration pandered to Muslim activists and worried more about offending savages than winning. The Obama administration propagandized for Islam as a “religion of peace,” even as the bodies piled higher.

Neither administration employed the terms “radical Islam” or “Islamist terrorism.”

You cannot defeat an enemy you lack the courage to name.  MORE

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  1. Yes Mr. Peters, we should do all those things.
    But they are not afraid to die.
    We need to change that
    They think they will be rewarded with an afterlife.
    Destroy this notion, and their cowardice will be complete and you can roll them up like a prayer rug
    The Jihadis have no honor, which is why they hide their faces.
    They cannot stand in a toe to toe shooting war.
    Remove their shot at an afterlife and they will surrender to a lamppost.

  2. Devout islam is the core of the islamic terror problem. And it is the more devout moslems who teach all those of lesser loyalty to the pedophile muhammad. All of islam is a deadly cancer. The most devout moslems will tell you that there is no such thing as “moderate islam”.

    During the first 9 days of Ramadan this year there have been at least 72 islamic attacks that have killed at least 614 people. And the number of “moderate moslems” condemning these murderous acts is ZERO.
    Burn Every koran, bulldoze every mosque and madrassa, and very firmly deal with any islamic violence that churns up. And I don’t mean give them a stern warning, I mean put the threat down permanently.

  3. ALL Muslims are agreeing with what is being done by being muslims. That is a conscious choice they have made, to be a member of a death cult that breeds only hatred and strife.
    They are all willing accomplices, at least all the ones in western societies where they will not be killed for leaving the organization.
    They need to be treated by all people as what they are and what they stand with.

  4. Lt. Col. Peters gives our “leaders” far more credit than I.
    Call me cynical, but our “leaders” are using “radical” izlam as a tool; aiding and abetting ISIS, &c. to instill terror into America (and Western Civilization) with the desire to subjugate to some twisted, sick totalitarian ideology loosely based on socialism – but attempting to retain enough of the “free market” in order to have a viable source of pillage to stumble on.

    And the reason Obola is reticent about “radical” izlam, is that, as a moslem himself, he knows that there is NO difference between “radical” izlam and izlam. Totalitarianism and terror are the foundational structures of izlam.

    izlamo delenda est …

  5. With all due respect, Col Peters. These savages did not pervert a faith. Their marching orders have been clear from the start.

  6. Preezy Mompants has named his enemy, and it is not Islamic terrorism.

    It’s anything that is against his agenda. Anyone, anywhere, anytime. We are his enemy.

    In my opinion, when he said in reference to Trump, “Where does this stop?”, he is stating a veiled order for leftists to step up their attacks on the right, and possibly may be imploring to some, any, leftist nutjob to take out the presumptive Republican nominee.

    Be careful out there, folks.

  7. “read sun zu”

    how about
    identify the enemy foreign and domestic
    know the enemy
    fight the enemy at your choosing not his
    don’t help your enemy

    our “leaders” have done none of this.

  8. It all started with a female soldier and a pile of naked, gay Muslims. This shit would have been gone long ago had that event not tripped up progress.

  9. Semantics.

    Simply put, Mr.President, calling the radical terrorists by their terroristic names will DELINEATE them from your ‘peaceful Islamists’. What more could you want? Lumping all Muslims under one name does not help stave off Islamaphobia, it encourages it.

  10. Oh, speaking of which, LtC Peters’ book “The War After Armageddon” is a great read.
    (No, I’m not paid to write that)

    izlamo delenda est …

  11. Moe, I don’t understand your post.
    Are you saying that you are a Muslim and have no choice in the matter?
    Because, otherwise, every person in this country has the same opportunity to chose the group they are a member of as you do.

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