How to enforce ‘Social Distance’

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  1. Just made a double batch of bean and bacon soup the other day. Took some to a couple neighbors and froze quite a bit. Watching neighbors houses for open windows.😉

  2. …that has exactly 239 beans in it…

    …Because one more bean, and it would be “too farty”..

    (HT Leisure Suit Larry, “Love For Sail”)

  3. According to some reports, people suffering from Covid 19 lose their sense of smell. Even if they are not showing symptoms they lose their sense of smell and taste. So cut a fart periodically to test your love one’s sense of smell.

  4. Had a guy that worked for me years ago that would eat a half dozen boiled eggs & a can of beans or sardines every day. Couldn’t be within 50 yrds of him without a self contained breathing apparatus.

  5. So did Paul Newman ever cut an enormous jail breaking fart when he ate 50 hard boiled eggs in Cool Hand Luke? Nah, that would’ve been Blazing Saddles and they would’ve blown Rock Ridge to smithereens and Slim Pickens to boot.

  6. Chile verde with rice and refried beans deserves honorable mention.

    Along with any version of what the ladies on Cook’s Country called, “gossip beans”, because they talk behind your back.

    Or Drunken Beans (Frijoles Borrachos) basically: pinto beans simmered in dark Mexican beer, bacon, onions, with a handful of seasonings, topped with cilantro.


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