How to Exercise While Self-Isolating

Instead of going to the gym (if it’s still open), use what you have in your house.

Kitties? Yup.

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  1. Hey C, you’re in for a bunch of photos from all us bored types, ha ha, now that we are home everyday. Even our scared rescued kitties are getting annoyed/use to me more now (interesting how closed quarters work?) being around everyday. All good, sniff, sniff.

    Our Critters may be gaining as much as we are…at This time.

    Will send pics when done with cleaning out closets and garages and attics and basements such…maybe there is a theme here??

    @KCIR – Narragansett’s – ‘Hey Neighbor’ are mine right now.

  2. I may try this. After I check to make sure I have a sufficient supply of bandaids and anti bacterial ointments.😉

  3. I’m a bird killer. have had Labs for 60 years. Have 1 as I tpe. Last week , maybe 2 weeks ago, there was a vid of a guy doing push ups with his lab on his back, deep knee bends holding dog …A full grown Lab dog is 80 – 120 lbs! Biches about 10 – 20 lbs less. this guy had a yellow dog! Did pushups with no strain! I may have been that strong 50 years ago; not even close today.

  4. Cisco, some years ago, I took care of a friends Rodesian ridgeback dog. They told me that it might not be that good with cats. Having a cat at home I made sure to take special care not to leave them unsupervised. Everything went alright and that night when I went to bed I put the dogs large pet carrier that they sent with him in the doorway thinking if he was to leave the bedroom I would hear him jump over the carrier. (Did not know they made the plastic pet carriers that large) Slept like a baby all night and the dog slept in his carrier all night. Got up in the morning and stepped over the carrier to proceed out to the kitchen to make my coffee and start a new day. Moving about the house I couldn’t find my cat anywhere. After looking for several minutes I figured she was unhappy with the dog being there and was probably hiding somewhere. As I went back in the bedroom to get dressed for work I looked in the carrier to check on the dog and there was my cat curled up sleeping with the dog. Didn’t worry about them after that.


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