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How To Get Welfare In 14 Languages


I’m so glad I get to wake up early every morning and go to work so my tax dollars can be used to tell new immigrants how to sign up for welfare benefits in their native languages. 14 of them, to be exact. Good grief.  [Read more at LonelyConservative]

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  1. Gee Wally, if they want my hard-earned tax dollars you’d think they could at the very least ask in a language I understand!!

  2. When the Spaniards came to America, they learned englis.
    When the French came to America, they learned english. (most canadians speak english as well)
    When the Asians came to America, they learned English.
    So did the Irish, so did the Italians, so did the Poles, so did the Africans….See the pattern here?
    AND, they didn’t ask for free shit, THEY GOT JOBS AND WORKED.

    So tell me why in the blue FUCK the mexicans get a free pass?
    Get a job, no free shit, learn our fucking language, and quit riding around waving the mexican flag. If you’re so fucking proud of your country, then go back and stay back.

  3. Not to bust your bubble but it’s not just the Spanish niggers err naggers, that free hand was and is extended to all sorts that come to escape the ME and desire nothing short of changing what we’ve got now to the shit hole they escaped from.

    Now isn’t that fucked up?

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