How to Make Illegal Immigrants Pay for the Wall


David North | CIS

One of the frustrations of watching the new administration is its apparent inability to find funds — except from routine tax collections — to build the promised wall.

It’s estimated that it will cost $12-15 billion or more; the proposed FY 2018 budget includes $2.6 billion for the start of the process.

What’s needed is one strong political official, not necessarily a presidential appointee, who has the ear of the Treasury secretary and a supporting staff of a dozen or so career lawyers and IRS people.

That person has a mission: Figure out how to fund the wall (and other immigration law enforcement measures) without dipping into tax funds provided by legal residents of the United States. I don’t mean sending the bill to Mexico, I mean simply tapping into the annual Treasury payments of multi-billions a year in tax refunds to illegal aliens that could be stopped by strokes of the executive pen. (It might involve a few more millions for IRS, but that would be a good bargain.)

No congressional approval is needed. No raids. No scenes at airports or at the border. Few if any regulatory changes.

What is called for is simplicity itself — stop sending money to people who are not here legally.  MORE

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  1. No one using an Individual Tax Identification Number instead of a SSN should be receiving a “refund”. We have been hearing for at least 10 years that there are “11 million” illegal aliens in the U.S., yet there are well over 20 million tax returns filed using an ITIN! (most of which are filed as “head of household”). The actual number of illegals is closer to 50 million.

  2. TonyR,
    Good start. Then “confiscate” all monies flowing from individuals and corporations to mexico through the banking system. Then make all the lawyers involved in the scams protecting illegal-alien-invading-rat-people return the money. Then make “sanctuary cities” fork over the rest. If more is needed, “confiscate” all the earnings, investments, retirements, real property, and bank accounts of “dual” citizenship holders – or half – the mexican half.

    izlamo delenda est …

  3. It wouldn’t work. Those people don’t pay taxes, so they have no refunds at risk. If you don’t want to pay taxes, all you have to do is claim 12 children as deductions. Your with holding goes to zero. In short, you cannot depend on the normal operation of the law to gain advantage over people who are already choosing to live outside the normal operation of the law. Like passing gun control laws to regulate criminals using guns.

  4. Cut the $20 BILLION in funding that goes to the UN and run that fck’n wall up California too.
    And still have some pocket change left.

  5. 1. Buy a Brick. I will cough up a C note for ‘another brick in the wall’
    2. Tax remittances to Mexico by 50% (money carried by self deportees taxed at 35%)
    3. Build Taunting Towers with T-shirt cannons and train horns (coin operated)
    4. Build the world’s largest dangerous insect, snake, Monitor Lizard and Baboon and Mandrill Preserve, all the way across the border, by 200 feet wide, sell tickets
    5. Sell bonds against the concession trade on the promenade at the top of the wall.
    6. Sell Lottery tickets for Border Patrol ride along’s in the water cannon trucks.

  6. Why not tax the money being sent to Mexico through Western Union? A friend of mine found a wallet without identification in a hotel parking lot day, but found a total of $10,000.00 worth of Western Union Receipts to an address in Mexico.

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