How to piss someone off…

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  1. An alternative is to face the footprints in the opposite direction and find a pile of dog doo to place behind the heel prints.
    That’ll send them through the roof!

  2. “Hard to do in Florida……”

    They’ll do it anyway, just without the snow. In a parking lot. In broad daylight.

  3. Speaking of Florida and being pissed off…I was in the Navy and have lived in several states, and known people from many. I’ve known some true scumbags and entitled sociopaths, as you have. But in the past two years I’ve decided the people who occupy Florida are THE WORST I have ever had to endure. I thought the Northern-infested areas of N.C. were bad, and they are. Nohthing like this.

    If I had to sum it up in one sentence, many people in Florida utterly lack self-awareness, and so lack shame, or they’re so utterly arrogant and deluded that they know exactly what they’re doing but don’t care. You tell me which is scarier.

    Just one small sample: early Saturday morning, I saw a older (50s at least) foppish homo throw a LOUD tantrum at the car dealership over a very minor inconvenience. I see People of Walmart type people EVERYWHERE. My car, which is nothing special, gets dinged up monthly by damage that isn’t from the car door next to me or a stray shopping cart; it HAS to be intentional because only intentional aim explains them. I work with flat-out racist dirtbags, who happen to be black. One of them is an atheistic British leftist and so is one of the most shamefully ignorant smart people I’ve ever known (I got mad and jacked her up over a racist comment she made yesterday; that quieted her down for awhile).

    This place truly lives up to its horrid reputation.

    However, there is a quiet core of people who appear to recognize what’s wrong and will look out for others down here. Almost as if they’re trying to counteract the infection. That’s been a pleasant surprise.

    Sorry for the rant.

  4. In my younger years we put a note on a car in a parking lot that read “Sorry I backed into your car” then sat a few cars away and watched as the owner came out and looked high and low all over the car for the invisible damage. It was a vacationing co-workers car.

  5. I guess south of the Snow Belt we could find members of the Homeless Crowd to pay $10.00 who would then climb on the vehicle to take their dump & keep it off the sidewalk.

  6. People … people who need people … are the luckiest people in the world …

    as long as they stay far the fuck away from me!

  7. deplorable – second class –
    the opposite of that is actually hitting a parked car, then writing a note that sez,
    “people watching me right now think I am writing down my name and address on this note I’m leaving under yer windshield wiper. Have a nice day”

  8. No but I remember the Paul Harvey story about the poor drunk Russian guy in Siberia in well below zero weather who was peeing on a frozen corrugated metal wall and got the tip of his penis stuck to it. I got a good laugh out of that.

  9. @Grool: Well at least they all aren’t in California! My biggest kick is to watch wild turkeys on top of my neighbors car scratching away and pecking. Nice scratches and dents my feathered friends left them. They’re actually nice people when she’s not selling snake oil and eating kale.

  10. My guess is this BMW owner liked to park in places that were already shoveled out by someone else. If you live in an apartment or park on the street in a winter location you know the type. They never shovel their own space, just take from others.

    This was actually quite polite. In Chicago when you take someone’s spot, expect to have your tires shanked, and deservedly so.

    Sweet Justice!

  11. @Grool: I don’t think it’s just Florida…it’s EVERYWHERE! We are “on the road” a fair amount, and over the last 5 years we have seen a drastic change in the way people drive: running red lights, passing in no-passing zones, crossing over the center lane stripe. Honk your horn and you get a finger (or worse). Society is breaking down in front of our eyes. We are staying in Las Vegas at the moment, and we have seen it all.

  12. Hey Grool!

    The Army ‘let’ me travel a great deal, allowing opportunity to discover that dickweeds are profusely abundant, just about everywhere you land your boots.

    For most part, we enjoyed my two postings in FL (mid-80s and late 90s), but, we did notice a lot of very strange folks in Orlando.

    Without a doubt, the worst posting was my 10mo gig in the Puzzle Palace. Something about DC ensures its denizens devoid a sense of humor and distinctly soul-less! Heaven forbid you hold the door for a woman.

    Rants can be good.



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