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How to predict a TSA pat down

No tag on the luggage

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  1. I thanked the girl next to me for not weighing 300 pounds on my last flight. She looked at me and said the same thing.

  2. I’ll never figure it out. Why tats on a body like that?

    God didn’t do a good enough job or what?

  3. Correction: There IS so a tag on the luggage. Look below the shirt just above her front jeans pocket.

  4. GADZOOKS!!!!

    Oh yeah, I had to go to college, play by the rules & go through Apprenticeship to become a licensed ‘Professional’.

    Instead, my dream to be a certified Pervert T&A Agent has been realized too late.

  5. Were I a T&A agent, I would not mind the job of “tagging” her “luggage”… okay, my apologies at gutter humor…

  6. Silly Atheists!

    Can you not see and appreciate God’s genius and greatness when it’s right there in front of you?

  7. Pretty sure that particular heifer would like a taped, organized grope if you know what I mean. coughporn actress cough

  8. Just for the record AND if anyone wants to see

    a LOT more of this beauty

    Just google…..Andressa Urach

    She’s Miss Butt Brazil Runner up 2013

  9. Danger! Danger!

    I’ve seen many men’s lives ruined by the likes of her.

    She’s not even concealing her weapons!

  10. she’s obviously being employed by the terrorists-

    as a distraction.

    a bus load of towlheads carrying AKs could walk past the gate behind her and no-one would notice.

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