How to silence your Democrat friends and relatives

American Thinker:
By Rayn Random

Most of us have at least one pushy Democrat friend or relative who won’t stop trying to “educate” us with his political opinions.  I have a friend of over 40 years married to a very leftist Berkeley Ph.D. in California.  I’m a Californian, too, but we live at a distance from each other, so we have long phone chats.  Invariably, as on our last conversation, she manages to say something political like how magnificent Gov. Andrew Cuomo was in his handling of the virus.  I took the bait and started to say how many people died in N.Y. nursing homes.  Immediately, she shouted, “Well, Trump…!”  I told her I was ending our call, and while she was still angrily shouting, I said goodbye and hung up. more

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  1. I am saddened, I had to hang up on a friend I’ve known for over 30 year’s a little over an hour ago tonight. 😢

    We have had strong disagreements on the Kung Flu, he lives in fear, I don’t. Of all people I have known in my life, I never thought he would have fallen for all the misinformation.

    I had a feeling that I was going to lose friend’s over this back in April.

  2. Just met a 92 year old guy yesterday that had and resolved Kung Flu. So did his 70 year old son and his 68 year old daughter.

    They got over it at HOME by themselves in March. Took 3 months for the Health assholes to tell them they were clear. (the 70 year olds words not mine) All liberal voters by the way.

    Another HVAC buddy of mine told me he was working in a Old age home where it is 35% empty because a large number of residents died. (not healthy to begin with)

    Ontario & Doug Ford (rino) were very similar to Killer Cuomo in stacking people in old age homes.

  3. If you folks can’t have a disagreement on a topic with your friends without needing to silence them, maybe you aren’t friends after all?

    And with friends like you , who needs……..

  4. Miss Kitty, it really is amazing how uninformed people are about infectious diseases, the human immune system, human anatomy and biology in general. You know, I’ve read voraciously most of my life on many subjects, including virology but don’t consider myself knowledgeable enough to discuss the subject with anyone, really. But then in discussions with people about COVID, I find I know things they’ve never even heard about. Many of us walk around thinking everyone knows at least as much as we do and then we discover they don’t. And we’re left scrambling on how to tactfully proceed with any discussion at all.

    In a lot of areas, the American public is woefully uneducated and very easily confused and frightened by idiot politicians who have taken over our public health systems. I see the frightened faces on people every time I go out.

    The politicians need to just shut their mouths, stay out of it and let the medical professionals do their jobs. Alas, the medical profession is now completely, politically run. And therein lies the problem.

  5. About a week after obumms was elected, I had to ang up on one of my SILs and we have been just polite to each other since then.

  6. I have a friend that only has cable tv and has tds that is ramping up daily, he says all the cnnmsnbccbscbc talking points and calls any rebuttal a desperate move to convince people that Trump isn’t stealing the election. His way of getting a win in his mind if Trump wins or loses.I just grin and say ok pal and drop it. I have a neighbour who rarely talks politics said if he lived in the USA he would vote Trump and was conservative all his life and since he just retired he can finally speak without fear of a job loss(he worked in computer tech),He was surprised I was conservative with my long hair beard and all.

  7. Is that you crazy Uncle Joe? You can’t rationalize with some people, all I did was invite him for a steak dinner, and he wigged out about the Covid garbage. So I gave him the big dial tone. By the way he isn’t a Democrat, go figure.

  8. I just wish more people could put their hatred of Trump aside and focus on facts, and in doing so, open their minds to new information. Science is one of the subjects not every school or teacher taught well, and many are not at all literate about. Examples are: how our bodies fight off bacteria and viruses constantly, why viruses that kill so quickly evolve into something not as deadly quite quickly (happening now).

    If we could have more civil discussions, we all might learn to see the bigger picture instead of focusing on just one aspect of the harm this virus has caused (top three imo: death and illness, emotional and mental damage, economic harm).

    I have not quite lost friends, yet, but I have kept quiet and told myself they just don’t learn beyond what the msm tells them over and over and over. My words won’t ever penetrate the entrenched indoctrination.

  9. Remember: civil war is brother versus brother.
    We are on a side of GOP losers, and we are about to be slaughtered by our brothers and crazy sisters.

  10. At this point, if people remain anti-Trump they fall into the category of Invincibly Ignorant.

  11. Chuckie
    If you’re ever out west, my home is always welcoming to fellow patriot’s.

    No mask required. 😎

  12. Graceia JULY 1, 2020 AT 1:12 AM

    I just wish more people could put their hatred of Trump aside and focus on facts

    I’ve wondered why lefties can’t do this and I’ve come to the conclusion that it would mean they are wrong for all the unreasonable baseless hate they have held for so long.

    Having a thoughtful, honest talk may – honestly would – lead to admitting they’re wrong. Admitting they are wrong would mean they would have to assess their whole life’s positions. Not going to happen.

    The exact reason my ex-gf’s youngest daughter would put her fingers in her ears and go lalalalalalalala. She had no argument because there was no argument.

    Kind of funny, she looked just like that painting in the article when she did it. But she wasn’t screaming.


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