How To Survive A Riot

Hard to believe, but with the mid-terms only a few days away, concerns are being voiced about the intentions of the left to react badly when they lose.


There are reports that the more radical among them are planning to riot once they realize they’ve been denied power once again. Just in case you live in one a riot prone city (I’m looking at you, Portland), here’s some good advice on how to come through a situation in one piece. Here

h/t Bearing Arms

20 Comments on How To Survive A Riot

  1. Yeah its called get the hell out of any Lib run city as fast as you can and wait for the dust to settle as they burn their cities to the ground.

  2. RW,
    And when they’re done burning, don’t give them any FedGov or state money for rebuilding. They caused their own problem, let them pull the money to rebuild from their own pockets.

  3. “Shelter In Place” or “target practice”?
    Tough call. I’ll flip a coin after I finish my Pina Colada….

    Most likely, any so-called “riots” will be them destroying their own parts of town. Any direct attacks properly and legally addressed…

    …IN FLIP FLOPS (Jimmy Buffett meets Charles Bronson).

  4. The author of the article warns that using a fire arm in a crowd may lead to the police shooting you down, even if you’re acting in self defense. In a riot situation the police can’t tell the difference, but they’ll see someone with a gun as a threat.

  5. I’d like to see some arrests for disturbing the peace or damaging property…..

    I’m not a fan of “room to destroy.”

  6. Best to run like all get out.
    There is no winning in a riot.
    Put the L Rad ear blaster & the 95 GHZ
    100,000 WATT milli-microwave “skin burner”
    on their ass. Saying “95 ghz 100,000 watts milli-
    microwave skin burner” gives radioman a Hard-on.HAhaHAha…

  7. Subject for discussion: If they’re going to act out, regardless of what you do, and you happen to be “in the area”, what’s your opinion on “Is it ethical?” (I didn’t write “Is it moral?”) to instruct them about “higher value” targets. A bit more stake, with their sizzle.

  8. The Left is not going to lose. The only violence done will be from the right. I remember the violence that the teabaggers did when Barack Obama won in 2008 and 2012. Thankfully, we have Antifa here to protect us.

  9. If you’re driving in town and you see more than one person standing in the street ahead of you, just turn around. There’s always another way to get where you’re going.

    And parents of high school seniors, when considering what schools your senior will apply to, try to factor in the campus mob potential. You may be safe on suburbia, but you could be sending your kid into an urban social justice shithole if you don’t do your homework.

  10. 1) Punch Anqueefa
    2) Watch the rest run
    3) Go inside, have a snack.

    Operation: Resist Anqueefa. Done in 30 seconds. 😀


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