How to Win the Vaccine Wars

American Thinker:

By Sally Zelikovsky-

As more corporate enforcers do Biden’s dirty work coercing employees to get COVID vaccines, Republicans need to do more than twiddle their thumbs as struggling Americans make the excruciating decision between jab or job.      

Fighting and winning the Vaccine Wars will take multipronged civil disobedience from all of us — ordinary citizens, lawyers, businesses, and even our politicians. Elected Republicans think of themselves as statesmen, not activists, but that has to change.  For decades, Democrats have been fighting a vicious political war while Republicans play their father’s gentlemanly game of politics.  Elected Democrats see their role as warriors with a duty to effectuate social justice and equity using all levers of power under their control, and enlist union, judiciary, education, and media allies to accomplish their goals by any means necessary.  

This will undoubtedly make some Republicans squirm.  But, following established Democrat precedent, it is perfectly legit to use our political processes to undertake certain acts of civil disobedience.  In its introduction to “civil disobedience” the Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy states

On the most widely accepted account, civil disobedience is a public, non-violent and conscientious breach of law undertaken with the aim of bringing about a change in laws or government policies (Rawls 1999, 320). On this account, people who engage in civil disobedience operate at the boundary of fidelity to law, have general respect for their regime, and are willing to accept the legal consequences of their actions, as evidence of their fidelity to the rule of law. Civil disobedience, given its place at the boundary of fidelity to law, is said on this view to fall between legal protest, on the one hand, and conscientious refusal, uncivil disobedience, militant protest, organized forcible resistance, and revolutionary action, on the other hand.

While conservatives and elected Republicans have barely grazed the “boundaries of fidelity to law,” Democrats have long been operating in the thick of it. Obama refused to enforce immigration laws and the Defense of Marriage Act; Governor Jerry Brown and San Francisco Mayor Gavin Newsom ignored the express will of the people who overwhelmingly passed Prop 8 on traditional marriage; Democrats established sanctuary cities that blatantly flout the law; Biden ignored the Supreme Court’s ruling on the CDC’s eviction moratorium; Obama/Biden entered into international treaties (JCPOA and Paris Accords) without 2/3 Senate approval and enacted ObamaCare where the actual content was kept secret.  They twice trumped-up impeachment charges against Trump and are treating political dissent as domestic terrorism.  Virtually every congressional hearing amounts to civil disobedience aimed at changing laws and government policies. 

What started out as persuading family over a cup of cocoa at Christmas then evolved into “get in their faces,” has morphed into the nightmarish persecution of anti-vax killers and the prosecution of parents and conservatives as “domestic terrorists” — constitutional protections be damned.  more here

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  1. Republicans need to fight back against the commie dems, if for no other reason than to prove they, (republicans), have not been bought off or otherwise compromised.

  2. Republicans are part of the problem, not part of the solution.

    I can’t believe there are still people today that don’t get this.

  3. If a Republican disagrees with government policy, it is a capital offence

    If a Democrat burns down a city, it is protected free speech.

    Meanwhile, the RINO’s say “That’s not who we are.”

  4. Here’s an interesting (if not a little off topic) report from ZeroHedge on the most (and least) trusted people in the world.

    (‘+’ means trusted, %)

    Doctors 54%
    Scientists 51%
    Teachers 43%
    Ordinary people 27%
    Armed forces 22%

    Journalists -10%
    Bankers -11%
    Ad execs -22%
    Government ministers -39%
    Politicians generally -52%

    Wow. Trust in doctors, scientists and teachers seems high, worldwide. And in the U.S., trust in our military always used to rank the highest.

    But regarding COVID vaccines, trust in doctors, scientists and teachers is going down the toilet with COVID itself.

  5. Such a great article. How nice if the man-created ‘pandemic’ was a political problem.

    IT ISN’T.

    It’s about money and power. PERIOD.

    Nothing else explains all the coercion, the tyrannical edicts and behavior, the contrasting numbers and lies.

    Nothing else explains the continual moving of the goal posts.

    Nothing else explains the exposures of the elitist tyrants not following their own rules.

    Nothing else explains why citizens, including babies on planes, need masked AND proof they are not positive or have been injected with GOD knows what, in order to even step outside in some communities, BUT the hordes of unvetted ILLEGAL border crossers are invading America to the OPEN ARMS OF THE BIDEN puppet government.

    Nothing else explains the horrors of our government persecuting freedom of EVERYTHING and stomping on the Constitution and Bill of Rights.

    COVID is ONLY a contrived cattle prod used to gain power and money.

    Complicit CLOWNGRESS is NOT the answer. Good heavens, THEY ARE THE PROBLEM.

    The elections are a farce. Until we take back our elections, things will NOT change. How do we do that? VOTE THE INCUMBANTANT GRIFTERS OUT OF OFFICE.

    Start LOCALLY with the election process, from ‘dog catcher’ up until elections are clean and ethical for all voters.

    What the hell is the damn argument about picture I.D. To vote??? For Heaven’s sake ‘they want to force us to carry proof of FAUX VACCINES’.

    This country almost requires picture I.D. to pee at a public toilet, already: welfare, food stamps, medical, housing, driving, flying, licensing for damn near everything, but to perform the MOST IMPORTANT ACT: voting…..nope.

    LISTEN to the candidates. But any candidate having served as a ‘career’ out they go. CHAOS in clowngress that would be created by all the newbies would be a blessing.

    Demand clowngress remember they work for us. Lots of luck wresting that gavel from pickled pelosi.

  6. So, you are suggesting “multipronged civil disobedience” as a solution. Hmm, let me see another 100 years to get this right, while commie fuckers ravage what’s left of this country. Well good luck with that and sayonara to this once great country.
    I’m glad I won’t be seeing this “solution” at work (almost 70).
    Let’s go Brandon

  7. Pfizer’s campaign contributions in 2020 rose from a few million to 25 million. Biden and the DNC received the largest contributions but Trump was not far down the list at $100,000. Both parties have the same donors. Good luck getting a majority of republicans to vote or legislate against the parties feeding them the big bucks. It is a disgusting system and likely only mass civil disobedience along with the labor shortage they created is going to end this crap. I have no faith the courts are going to solve it either.

  8. “Republicans need to do more than twiddle their thumbs”
    Huh. Twiddle? First time I’ve heard it called that.
    One thumb in the mouth, the other in the ass – switch every 60 seconds.

    Demonrats are obvious Traitors.
    Republicrats are cowardly Traitors.
    They’re willing to lick up the Demonrats’ drippings.

    mortem tyrannis

    izlamo delenda est …

  9. Ameri kan twinker and the Federalist where da comment sections?
    Oh ya we rolled over but Merika needs to step up

    Save what for Who

  10. Meanwhile, here in Florida, our Harvard educated black Surgeon General appointed by the greatest Governor of our times is being attacked constantly.
    His crimes are:
    Conservative while black (Uncle Tom)
    Not in lock step with mask and fake vaccine mandates
    Not bowing down to the demands of a democrat (minority party) state senator.

    According to the locals in Tallahassee, he is a quack and needs to resign.

  11. BINGO!

    The recent spate of corporate mandates could be reversed quickly, if Republicans undertook some civil disobedience of their own, ala the Democrats. State legislatures, governors, and Congress should propose legislation that requires government or private employers who coerce vaccination as a condition of employment, to agree to indemnify employees, who were forced to get vaccinated to keep their jobs, for any future injury or death that can be attributed to the vaccines.

  12. The only way the Republicans will stop the demonic vaccine mandates is to mandate they get the vaccine. Look who is exempt……
    That will stop in dead in their tracks

  13. Just curious, Mm, but how do you separate “political” from “money and power”? From my experience, they are one and the same. Or are you suggesting that there are still people who believe politicians are concerned with the wishes of the people?

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