How Trump Got Carrier To Keep Jobs in the United States Is Not a Big Mystery To Me

Why wasn’t it mystery? Because Trump is extremely shrewd. He doesn’t think like a politician. He wouldn’t, because as he always says, “our politicians are stupid.”

He simply went to Carrier and said, “hey guys, you are aware that you have lots of government contracts here in the U.S., right? It’d be a shame if they all went away, you know, as a going away present.”

They miraculously saw it Trump’s way.

This is not government meddling, and it’s not anti-conservatism. It’s called common sense. It’s called capitalism.

Something that Obama doesn’t possess. As jobs were shed he never thought of a sit-down and giving the fleeing companies an offer they couldn’t refuse.

Mark Levin weighs in and gives Trump high praise —>

Gateway Pundit reports that the ardent lefty, Cenk Uygur, has given Trump high praise for this and said, “Obama would have never done this.”

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18 Comments on How Trump Got Carrier To Keep Jobs in the United States Is Not a Big Mystery To Me

  1. I guarantee every manufacturing company in the U.S. has a gov’t contract. The tremors are being felt and noted.

  2. how great is it that trump has been a better president than obama before his 1/20/17 inauguration

    obama, you are a laughable failure

  3. “I guarantee every manufacturing company in the U.S. has a gov’t contract”

    Man, you couldn’t be more wrong. Maybe 20%. I’m sure United Technology has their share. Most American Businesses plan on a five year foecast. That’s a standard. What’s so cool about this negotiation is Pence was the guy. I’m convinced DJT told him just go tell them year two of my admin you’re paying 35% tax on anything you try and sell in your former country. Do the math.

  4. Mark Levin is a nut job. I happened to turn the radio on yesterday when his show was on and guess what – Trump bashing. Apparently not all Mr. Trump’s cabinet picks are Conservative enough for nutty Levin. On and on he rants, What a nut.

  5. Trump is doing great, don’t get me wrong. This is a success, before he’s even in office, but he needs to address the reasons companies want to leave in the first place. I believe he’s going to start on that once he’s sworn in.

    Keep doing what you promised, Donald. We are with you.

  6. BB — I’m talkng about up and down gov’t, from local berg to the WH. “Every” — maybe not, but certainly most. And the important point is that in the Main Street versus Wall Street discussion, no company should be able to enjoy the right to call themselves an American company yet outsource, offshore their living wage jobs and make a profit via taxpayers through gov’t contracts.

  7. Yah need a cage code to do biz with any Fed contract. Finding cage codes for any Biz is easy. Start exploring your local manufacturers and you’ll find I am overstating the 20%. I’m just saying the threat of losing Fed contracts is. It what turned Carrier. I was driving today and had a good laugh with all the pundit biz guys explaining the “carrot” Trump used. Bull shit. Trump was polite, and then latched on to their throat. I’m a miniscual biz guy that’s weak on negotiation. But I feel I’m just smart enough to start tuning in and understanding DJT. Throw out all the rules you’ve ever been taught. This guy is awesome. Time will prove me right.

  8. Joe. I feel the same about Levin. He is wrong, and wrong at the top of his voice. I can’t take his screaming at me. I sent him an email and told him to stop screaming or I’m gone from Levintv. And CRTV.
    Even though I would like to listen to Mark Steyn and Michelle Malkin.

  9. Brad taught me something. Had no idea.

    The Commercial and Government Entity Code, or CAGE Code, is a unique identifier assigned to suppliers to various government or defense agencies, as well as to government agencies themselves and also various organizations. CAGE codes provide a standardized method of identifying a given facility at a specific location.

  10. You can see the huge difference already in his picks for appointments. I like reading stories from abroad as the truth is settling in that we’re getting off the globalist, NWO train and we have leaders thatbare goig to put the interests of our country and our citizens first.

    My advice? Buy popcorn companies’ stock.

    It’s too bad Steyn hitched his wagon to CRTV Moe Tom. It’s actually a venue I would have been interested in subscribing to. On demand is perfect for me as I keep wacky hours but I’m not putting another nickel in Levin’s pockets.

  11. I am old enough to remember JFK “jawboning” the steel unions and truckers when each threatened nationwide strikes. At that time, those unions would have brought other businesses to their knees: makers of cars, refrigerators, washers would have shut down without steel. Nothing would be delivered without truckers.

    It’s what presidents did. Today our presidents spend time thinking of ways to personally profit by destroying America. Trump really was our last chance.

  12. I’m glad they’re keeping the jobs here and hats off to Trump. But I just wish we could lower corporate taxes to a rate that makes it pointless for companies to leave. That and get the EPA and others off of our backs. But my hope is that Trump will get that ball rolling in January.

  13. Mark’s hatred for Trump and jealousy of those like Hannity is wearing thin. I was his supporter from day one. Now I can’t stand listening to him. It is all trash Trump.

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