How very Soviet of her

Patriot Retort:

Yesterday, Alexandria Ocasiovich-Cortezenko unveiled some propaganda art for the Green New Deal that, while bearing a striking resemblance to the propaganda art of the 1930s New Deal, also seemed just a smidge Soviet to me.

Of course, the New Deal artwork was pretty Soviet too come to think of it.

Then again, maybe it’s because I’ve watched the HBO miniseries “Chernobyl” four times since Sunday that the first thing that I thought of was Soviet propaganda posters. more

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  1. I heard AOC is encouraging people in the path of the hurricane to fill up their bags with ac in case the power goes out for an extended period of time.

  2. I got this free poster and all they wanted was my name and 1 piece of verifiable networked account info. What a fantastic free new deal. Be sure and get yours as soon as possible before supplies run out and to beat the long lines.

  3. The “Greens” of Europe (who the Demonrats ape) were the flotsam and jetsam of the EuroTrash Fellow Travellers of Stalinism who diaspora-ed during Gorbachev’s reign.

    When they flocked to America after the Fall, they brought with them all the tools necessary to cultivate their lies in the thoroughly fertilized ground of the mental vacuity of our youth. They infested our Colleges and Universities, spreading their filth while being paid by our educational “Foundations” and the accompanying tax-breaks afforded by our corrupt “Income Tax” (which excludes the taxation of those very same “Foundations” which undermine the Constitution which was perverted (Amended) to allow their existence).

    Fools have always been among us.
    We used to recognize them and relegate them to the mop buckets of the lower levels of the Garage where they could do little damage – but now we elect them to the House and Senate (and previously to the Presidency) where their damage is much increased and casts shadows across the entire Globe.

    We will rue the day that this miscreant bubbled up to the top of that cesspool from whence she crept. (actually, I already have)

    izlamo delenda est …

  4. And now she wants all straight white men to become gay because it’s the right thing to do since she hates white guys who refuse to conform to her perverted world view. She was triggered by the straight white parade in Boston over the weekend yesterday. If she were the only woman of childbearing age left alive the human race would die out.

  5. My wife grew up in the USSR. She has a photo of her and her family when she was a little girl. It shows them all working the potato fields on the order of the Communist government. Everyone was ordered to work the potato fields at one time or another. I’ll bet AOC never worked potato fields in her life. It would give her a new outlook on socialism.

  6. these posters are perfect!
    Print up a whole bunch of them, then send them to la, san francrisco and seattle. Give them to the sidewalk shitters and make them poop on them. That will solve multiple problems at once. Cleanup will be nice and easy, new skills can be learned, and racist hoses won’t need to be deployed for washing the sidewalks.


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