How You Can Know Who’s A Secret Celebrity Republican

Adam Carolla on The Rubin Report.

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  1. What the Hollywood leftists find so enticing is that simply by issuing an outrageous slur against who they decide to target they can stir an army of loony sycophants to respond out of all proportion.
    That gives them a feeling of power and also directs attention to them they otherwise wouldn’t be getting.

  2. “… stir an army of loony sycophants …”

    If they can entice this “army” to kill, they will have achieved REAL power.
    That is the definition of “power.”

    izlamo delenda est …

  3. Conservatives and conservative sites get overly excited when any celebrity comes out as a conservative. Why should we care?

    Recently, Pompeo had an event in DC where he asked “When will I be Loved”. Linda Ronstadt, in attendance, nailed him with a response. Pompeo should have known better. He left himself wide open to attack.

    When will conservatives stop courting celebrities? is the question I have. We don’t need to get a hard-on when they identity as conservatives.

  4. Anybody seen Linda Ronstadt lately?

    She looks like she ate George Lucas for breakfast, lunch, AND dinner! “Don’t make my small hips yuuuuuuuge…”

    Too late! 🖕🤣🖕

  5. Seinfeld is a big lefty that supported Obama. They both are on Martha’s Vineyard. Sure there are a lot of conservative comedians but many are dems they just understand the value and importance of free speech.

  6. @mitch

    She is getting broad in the face and probably in her behind as well. She may well get to Jabba the Hut dimensions before she passes from the scene.


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