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How You Can Stay Warm When The Power Goes Out

From February 2021

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  1. I live in Arizona. I am clearly not this video’s target audience. Call me when you’ve got info on not getting heatstroke when the electricity goes.

  2. If you drain your water heater for water make sure you turn the circuit breaker that supplies it OFF. That way, when the electricity comes back on, the heating elements inside don’t burn out.

  3. I’ve been subscribed to Wranglerstar for some years. Interesting channel, even if I don’t agree with everything. Overall, I’d rather have this guy as a neighbor than not.
    More tips to add – save up tired car batteries and make a battery bank to feed an inverter. Add a portable solar panel from HazardFrought, if your climate permits.

    Pipe exhaust from fuel-burning devices through your living space before exhausting outside, if possible without letting out too much heat. DON’T take his advice about CO lightly.

    Don’t forget old oil lamps, white gas lanterns.

    Sometimes, going outside to warm up by a wood fire (if you don’t have a fireplace) can help a lot. Remember to warm up rocks and bricks when you do this, and bring them in with you. Heck, a few years ago, I used a wood fire to warm up my old (1960s Lincoln “tombstone”) A/C welder and brought that inside.

    Lastly, lying down with dogs may make you wake up with fleas, but you’ll wake up. Get a dog.

  4. How?

    Biden doesn’t care as long as Hunter keeps
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  5. @Erik the ne’er do well unmasked scumbag
    Last time I knew the price of coal, it seemed expensive at $20/ton. But back then Reagan was president.

  6. Sturge, it’s still cheaper than LP. Even when LP was cheap, considering the totality of electricity to make the LP work.

    Anyway, 475 to heat the house for the season is still a good deal.

  7. Drive to Phoenix .. It can get cold from late December to Middle of January

    But still, it’ll be warmer than where you are

  8. In southern MO we don’t generally fire up the anthracite until the daytime temps are about 40F.

  9. Having lived in New England all of my life except one year, we already do a lot of this. Our old houses have a lot of doors for a reason. The new open floor plan homes are hard to keep warm. We felt the windows, have draft blockers on the bottom of the doors and have lots of blankets. We have one large room that was an addition that we heat with propane so we have a warm place if we lose power. Plus a lot of the other things he talks about.
    If you live in warmer areas and get hit by a freak storm though, you need this info.

  10. I have a stash of kerosene, 2 old school perfection 500 heaters, and a CO detector. I have put one in the living room, and one at the base of the stairs, cracked open the living room window about 1″, and opened the last bedroom upstairs window the same amount. The draft of warm air draws in fresh air, and the warmed air vents out the open upper window. my house stayed 62deg, and power was out 2 days. I only burned 3 gallons of K1, and the old school heaters will do diesel as well. it isn’t a long term solution, but will keep my casa warm for a couple of weeks.

  11. Worked with a guy who made his own steel pipe woodstove. The door, wood, and all the mess were in the garage. Half was in his family room with the end welded shut. His brick fire wall was impressive. Tried to sell his home. House inspector notified the city building inspector. Sure enough, no permit on file. He was forced to remove it. Discovered his insurance would not cover a fire. EPA has very strict emission standards he could not prove were in compliance. Great idea, but no cigar. Didn’t take long for the heat in the house and garage to force you outside.

  12. Eskimos have the best plan of all. Make the women real fatties by providing them with all the whale and seal blubber they can eat. At night, snuggle up to them real close and feel the heat. The procedure does not include sex, heaven forbid. Those wiry but slight Eskimo guys would never extricate themselves from the blubbery grip.

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