Howard University Retired Professor Has a Life’s Mission – A Divisive Life’s Mission

Imagine if you took a knee?

Eugene Williams, a 76 year-old retired professor from Howard University has a life’s mission – that every NBA team play the “Negro National Anthem” at NBA games.

He doesn’t want to replace the National Anthem, he just wants to have the NBA carve out special time for blacks.

Let’s analyze this a bit.

It’s called the NEGRO National Anthem.  But don’t you dare call black people negroes.

Right there I’ve become disinterested because the convolution is a set-up for innocent white people to say the wrong thing around angry activists. Pick a name and stick with it.

Also, where is the “diversity” when you set aside special time for one race at a sporting event? That’s something a clueless privileged white person would do, no?

The song itself? I listened to it. The music is strange in its structure (written in 1900.) It’s not something someone would readily remember and it’s not easy to sing, a charge that has been continually made against the National Anthem. No one on the left would dare criticize this one, no matter how arduous and taxing and off-putting they think the music is.

Hilariously, the lyrics mention God, something that the left usually abhors, unless expressed from someone other than a white conservative.

Can you imagine if it was announced that a new national anthem was written and it had God all up in it? The left would go berserk. But the Negro National Anthem?

Two enthusiastic thumbs up!!  (Oh look. Those aren’t thumbs.)

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22 Comments on Howard University Retired Professor Has a Life’s Mission – A Divisive Life’s Mission

  1. That song about standing in the welfare line?
    Give me a phucking break if you don’t like it here leave MF.

  2. Sure, give the NBA some of that NFL mojo from last season.

    Be careful, a whole lot of white faces sitting court side watching the simian talent running, jumping, and hollering.

  3. Kind of reminds me of the Black Student Union on campus….. I wondered then (a hundred or so years ago) what the outcry would look like if there had been a White Student Union. The continued self-segregation of peoples is only truly confounded by commercials where every fooseball party or trip to MsDs is rife with a token from each group.

    “Speaking the truth in times of universal deceit is a revolutionary act.” Geo. Orwell

  4. It’ll never catch on. Stick with something you know. Like Ice T’s “Cop Killer”.
    You probably won’t even teach your crowd the lyrics.

  5. Swing low, sweet chariot
    Coming for to carry me home
    Swing low, sweet chariot
    Coming for to carry me home

  6. Why??? Are the players making too much money and they want to kill the goose that laid the golden egg? Why poke your finger in the eye of the people who buy tickets and pay cable to watch you play ball?

  7. I hate to say it, but there are certain groups in this world who hate REAL progress; hate personal responsibility; hate thinking; hate pretty much everything but eating, fucking, mindless crude entertainment, and shitting on everybody else. And once your society has too high a percentage of those groups, you’re fucked. They will organizes themselves for the purpose of destroying your society for the sheer sake of destroying it. They’re incapable of any vision beyond that. US black democrats definitely fall into that category.

  8. I read “Shortnin’ Bread” on Lucianne. Cracked me up. Wish I could take credit for that one.

  9. Well that otta fill up the bleachers. What a dumb ass. All those years in a college environment and professor Williams came out dumber than the students just getting there? Going to go out on a limb here and guess he’s an Affirmative Action hire.

  10. Good, give them their own national anthem and send them off the Wakanda, that racist land with very few whits,no gays and..well no midgets either I guess.

    And what’s with all the spears there? Ain’t doing anything to bury any old stereotypes now is it?

  11. I’m just VERY glad that we evil white devils still are a substantial majority here – lest this nation take the VERY dead end road S. Africa now has taken. I have to say that I suspect an alarming number of the 13% would agree with the S. Arica route.

  12. Oh puleeze save it for one of dopey Oprah’s racist movies.
    I thought the black nat’l anthem went something like this:

    F*ck tha police
    F*ck tha honky
    Slap mah bitch
    N ride her like a donkey.

    Second verse, same as the first.

  13. My new life’s mission is to ensure the NBA reflects the racial make up of America’s population. If we are going to divide America into Diversity Tribes, it’s only fair.

  14. So, are we saying, I mean actually saying, that basketball is a negro sport? Not “a sport”, so negroes excel at it. (I already know, “That is so racist.”) Not a sport that negroes excel at. But an of, by, and for the negroes, sport. If not, then what’s the point of the “Negro National Anthem” at all the games?

  15. The point is it’s rude. It’s saying that the National Anthem, which is for everybody, is not for them.

    “And now, ladies and gentleman please rise for the anthem.”
    “We just did.”
    “No, this is a negro anthem, the other one they’re not so into.”

  16. There can be only one.
    If the Negros start their own country, they can have one.
    Til then, too bad


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