Howie Carr’s Honest History Of Kennedy Politics

If there’s one person in New England that knows the unsavory political history of the Kennedy family, it’s radio host Howie Carr. His latest podcast details the arrogance, underhandedness and dirty tricks often deployed by the Kennedy clan, generation after generation. Carr even throws in the “fake Kennedy’s” that are related in name only. Here 



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  1. He’s on the radio here, right now.
    When wabc got rid of Savage and replaced him with shapiro, I switched from being an intermittent Howie listener to a regular. WRKO Boston.

  2. Howie’s going to be doing History podcast every week. Next week episode will be on the anti-Semitic history of the Democrat party, featuring Joe and Bobby Kennedy. I’ll try to remember to post it next week.

  3. For some reason Massachusetts is considered having a sophisticated, intelligent populace, but look at the politicians they’ve foisted on our country:
    – Robert and Ted ‘The Lyin’ Kennedy
    – Lurch
    – Barney
    – Lieawatha
    – Let’s throw Mitt Romney into the mix.
    To me, a sign of low overall intelligence


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