How’s the debate going for you?

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  1. I’m listening-not watching.

    Jeb kind a had a good answer for one of the questions asked of him but he stumbled and sounded unsure of himself. Better than being awkwardly feisty I guess.

    Kasich sounds crazy.

    Rubio talks too fast.

    Cruz was Cruz.

    Carly laid out a sad sack story. That’s a Dem device. Doesn’t work for me.

    Trump- WALLS!!!

  2. Kasich – “we can’t send them back…..waaaaaaaa”
    Trump is right. Why is he even on the stage?
    I think FOX bussed people in to cheer Trumps agitators and boo him.

  3. I’m sick & tired of these jackasses like Kasick & Bush that say ‘we can’t’ deport 12 million illegals…….WHY NOT???
    we’re America….what we set our sites on, we can do!
    what a bunch of dipwads!

  4. wtf?….the alternative to Obamacare is to not to go to some State run boondoggle, it’s to go back to the system we had when 85% of the participants liked it!!!

  5. On one hand, it’s a relief to hear moderators speak like respectful questioners.

    On the other, most (except for the a§$h*le loser RINO ones) of the candidates are giving rather mild, almost bland, responses.

    I’m calling it a night early.

  6. you can raise our national debt to over 17 trillion dollars, but you cant figure out that illegals will leave under their own steam? These yahoos all talk like democrats. Stop shovelling shit on us you incompetent bastards. Trump and Cruz are the only ones giving coherent answers. But Trump has answers i like, the rest of them can f off.

  7. Kasich and Bush just want to keep these illegals. NO CAN DO.

    As Trump said, Eisenhower removed them with a little effort.

    Hey John/ Jeb where there’s a will there’s a way.

    Trump, Cruz, Carson. doing well

  8. On healthcare insurance, don’t bother with me unless it’s for catastrophic insurance. I should be able to walk into an Endocrinologist’s office or an eye doctor just as I would going into a Target or a Walgreens or a Dollar Store. Competition brings prices down. That’s why Lasik and breast enlargement surgery is like buy one eye get one free. Because they’re not covered on “health insurance”. (think about that. There are tons of women walking around with huge knockers and excellent vision because of that!)

  9. Rand giving as good as he gets.
    Rubio takes one to the nose from Rand, but still leading in rounds.
    Carson….I thought Johnny Carson was dead?
    Trump…eh, where’s the beef
    Cruz….Presidential. Yes.
    Kumanji….where is Ohio?
    Bush…seriously. What else is on.

  10. every time Jeb! speaks he sound more & more like Porky Pig…
    “..bdeeb bdeeb bdeep….that’s all folks!”

  11. Before obamacare, as a business owner (both me and Geoff C. The Saltine), we had nearly a 150% increase in premium over a three year period because we, like so many self-paying insureds, had to start making up the shortfall by those who started making their primary care physician the ER. Always, always the insurance companies are “the house” and the house always wins. In the end we were forced to go for “catastrophic” coverage which is costing us MORE than the full coverage plans we had less than 10 years ago.

    The problem we have today is the same problem we’ve always had — the insurance companies are running the table.

  12. uh oh….you have been reported to the University of Missouri Stalinistas….please report to your nearest train station….& bring your shovel…..Comrade

  13. The insurance companies have been in bed with zero since the beginning. Make no mistake, they will NEVER EVER lose. I like you am sick of paying for those who have made bad life choices. My premiums have always been exhorbitant and I have never used insurance. I like you also have made adult decisions and made the responsible choice to be insured just in case and foregoing lots of bright, shiny toys.

  14. Cruz makes a great point w/ Bretten-Woods over the Fed….sadly probably went over most heads….except Cavoto’s

  15. That bitch’s question to Rubio (formed as a praise of Hillary’s impressive resume).
    Note: Despite his youthful appearance, even Rubio beats Hillary’s experience, having serves asSpeaker of the House in the Florida Legislature. Not supporting him – just saying, a state Speaker of the House is more impressive than being First Lady.

  16. Rubio most knowledgeable and articulate. Ya ya amnesty doesn’t mean he’ll be weak on national security. He has the ability and backing to beat Hillary. That should be our number one concern.

    Rubio/Cruz could be the winning ticket.

  17. all if the closing statements were good, but Carson’s got me viscerally…..not an endorsement, just a comment

    & Trump’s was the only one that didn’t get ‘dinged’

  18. wow…FBN is tearing into Krazy Kasick & Jeb! over the banking questions…..pointing out that they were the two candidates that actually worked for banking interests

  19. OMG!! One of the post-debate talking heads — the ones sitting with Lou Dobbs, just said “Yeah, I do think that Marco Rubio is now the ‘Establishment’s candidate of choice’.”

    I about fell out of my chair! It sure cracked Dobbs up.

  20. Yep. Pinko will fire me-but I want to hear more details from Trump.
    “It’ll be really special.” And…then what? It doesn’t need to be wonky-just-more.

    I think Melania needs to underline some new words for him in the family thesaurus.

  21. I agree…..Republican Establishment money will continue to flow to Rubio… good as he is in rhetoric….he’s a provably buyable candidate….& that’s his problem

  22. this ‘debate’ (& as it was…not too bad) made it clear that there are now just four Republican candidates……Trump, Carson, Cruz & Rubio

  23. Well, what was surprising and funny was that the guy actually used the term “(GOP)Establishment”! Everyone knows that’s an insider term, not for public consumption. Dobbs about coughed his bridge out, laughing.

  24. And one little dog running behind them – Kasich. Yap yap yappppy yapp yap. yap yap.

    Somebody roll up a newspaper and smack him on the nose.

  25. And guess what? Because of Obamacare, I myself have become one of those people who use the ER as my primary care physician.

    I used to be able to get a same-day or next-day appointment to see my doctor. Now, he’s booked two weeks in advance. Earlier this year, I sprained my left thumb. The pain was interfering with the use of the hand, and I couldn’t wait two weeks for treatment. As a result, my insurer had to pay $1,600 minus a $30 deductible for the ER, vs. $250 minus a $20 co-pay for an office visit. How is this an improvement?

  26. Hillary would wipe that smirk off of Donald’s face. We need someone who can do more than repeat, I say again, repeat his same talking points. Donald’s clueless when it comes to foreign policy. Rubio is proving to be the most polished, well rounded and likeable candidate. That’s what makes the difference! It’s all about beating the dims. I think be would have the best chance.

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