How’s the weather treating you?

Montana city headed for snowiest February on record.

…As of Sunday night, at least 31.5 inches of snow had fallen this month, well on the way to breaking the previous February snowfall record of 37 inches set just three years ago in 2014.

Severe cold headed for Europe.

“Intense cold wave over this week,” says Climaterra. “In 5 days will already be in almost all of Europe, very cold for several days and strong blizzards in several countries.”

“(It will be a) severe cold Europe,” says meteorologist Joe Bastardi. “(And nothing to do with CO2,”

Colder than normal in Peru.

18 Feb 2018 – Senamhi warns of low temperatures in the mountains of Puno and Arequipa.

The values are expected to reach -8 ° C in areas above 4,000 meters above sea level (masl), while -5 ° C in areas above 3800 masl.

José Luis Ticona, in charge of the Senamhi, indicated that these temperatures are due to the entry of a cold mass from the Pacific Ocean, causing it to be colder than normal.

Arequipa, Peru

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  1. 80°f here, 72° inside with the windows wide open. Might have to turn the ceiling fans on later this evening.

  2. Miserable weather for a property Insurance Adjuster.
    Lazlo and Angus hiked the local hills this morning. In the 20’s but then the Sun came up

  3. Western Washington is currently enduring a cold snap with snow and well below average temps. Around here, that means 20’s and 30’s. Nothing threatening, however, I did hear a Seattle radio station make an announcement about various school districts starting 2 hours late, in order to “protect the children from the cold”, if you can believe that.

  4. I‘m staying in Olympia, Washington for a couple of weeks and it‘s been about what I expected. Chilly in the mid-30s to 40s during the day and down in the 20s at night. Some snow, much off and in drizzling rain. I think it‘s normal for here.

  5. Here in Medford OR, it’s been pretty warm until the last week or so, we’ve had some snow showers, and some freezing temps, but the weather here changes on a whim…

  6. Here in NY’s scenic Hudson Valley it is warm and sunny with temps in the mid seventies. The ground is wet from all the melting ice and snow, and I opened up the storm windows and put on the fans to air out the house. Supposed to get a wintry snow mix with rain (snain) tomorrow and rain again the next day. Today was a nice break. Thanks, God!

  7. Northern Ontario is having some warmer weather which turned to sleet and rain last night.
    Coming home from a meeting (normally a 45 min drive) took over two hours because of continuous, dense fog. Luckily – no traffic.

  8. The climate scientists said the southeast winter was so cold because of global warming causing a shift in the jet stream. Looks like it wobbled in Montana too. Damn that global warming.

  9. I just thought this glowbull warming thing was going to go better.

    Here in the SoDak I had -14 this morning. We have had 24 inches of snow in the last 2 weeks which is highly unusual for us. Today the sun is out and it feels like a heat wave.

    Mrs Frank send me a message: “Have I told you lately that I am ready for spring… I changed my mind… I want some 80 degree burn your butt when you get in your hot leather car seat summer!!!”

  10. Here in Northern Illinois, we’ve had (I hope I get this right) freezing cold, snow, warm up, freezing cold, lots of snow, sort of warm, lots more snow, warm up, rain and flooding. Welcome to Global Warming. It’s the weather stupid. Stop getting triggered and deal with it. I have to, I work outside.

  11. We had a blizzard last week. Yesterday it was in the 70s. Today is cold and rainy. Indiana weather is like a box of chocolates …

  12. Here in DC we had a dusting of snow last weekend and now two fluke days of sunny 77.
    Tomorrow back to more typical 30s-40s.

    Between the mountains, the Bay and the Atlantic, DC is a meteorologist’s roller coaster ride.

  13. It is 80 degrees two days ago but it is 23 now with mixed precipitation of the frozen kind. If you don’t like the Texas weather just wait a minute.

  14. joe6pak – LOL! Good to know. Truth is, I was ALWAYS cold up until 2 years ago. I still carry a sweater around in summer. *Sigh* I don’t know what the hell is going on anymore. 😀

  15. We has torrential rains here in Western Michigan the last two days. Yesterday was 61 degrees. The tiny wetland in back of the apartment building became a lake with a small waterfall in the “creek” that fed the lake.

    It’s all gone today. And the temp is a normal 34 degrees.

    It was fun while it lasted.

  16. Sun, rain, clouds. Repeat this cycle every 20 minutes. Typical East Tennessee weather in February.
    OH! And it’s nearly 80*

  17. 81 degrees & sunny … Southern MD

    btw, only one cop shot & killed in a couple counties over, just up the street
    they’re holding CPAC


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