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How’s Your Weather?

Second snowfall in Las Vegas this month.

It snowed in Las Vegas on Sunday night for the third time this winter.

19 Feb 2019 – It is uncommon for snowfall to be as widespread as it was in Las Vegas valley, said National Weather Service meteorologist Chris Outler.

Some parts of Summerlin got 2.5 inches, while Mt Charleston got more than 3.5 inches. The ski resort on Mt Charleston – which is within the Las Vegas city limits – has all 26 of its trails open.

1 to 3 feet of snow expected to hit Arizona.

Winter storm watches for Arizona – Again!

Another single-day record for snowfall across southern Wisconsin.

Madison’s 5.4 inches of snow on Sunday broke the record for snowfall on February 17th, says News 3 Now meteorologist Chris Reece. The old record for the date was 4.9 inches, set in 1975.

Seattle – Coldest February in 30 years.

4th coldest in 75 years

“Through the 16th of February, Seattle is 8 degrees F below normal for the month,” says reader Chuck Clancy. “This is the 4th coldest first 16 days of February in the 75 years of records at Sea-Tac airport and the coldest in the last 30 years. The 3 years that were colder were 1989, 1949 and 1956.”

“This is according to the 3am discussion yesterday morning from the Seattle forecast office.”

“I bet they won’t publish it, but it really says it all,” says

California – Snow too deep to plow .

Skiers can’t reach resorts … 13½ feet (4.1 m) of snow this month alone … to the 15th of Feb … almost a foot a day. “Please stay home,” says sheriff.

Snow storms hammered California mountains for a fourth straight day, forcing closure of several routes to the Lake Tahoe ski-resort area, including about 70 miles (110 km) of I-80. Some resorts reported 3 feet (1 m) of snow since Thursday.

“Tahoe & Truckee are in whiteout conditions. All roads leading in & out of the basin are closed. S/R 267 is so deep that plows ca no longer plow. They have ordered up a large blower to try and clear the pass. I80 & Mt. Rose Highway are also closed. Please stay home,” warned Placer County sheriff Lt. Andrew Scott.

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  1. NorCal here. At 500 feet elevation. Sunday the snow line was a quarter mile up the road in the morning. Tomorrow mornings forecast is rain and 31 degrees here. Sounds like snow to me.

  2. My area (Vegas) got about 1/2 inch at first, then started up again and made it to about an inch and a 1/4. It mostly made everything icy and hard to walk on. It melted by noon yesterday.

  3. Middle of AZ here… We’re being promised a foot, maybe twenty inches. I’m gonna build an Extra-Bigass igloo. It will feel pretty good this July & August.

  4. Teens and twenties here in Michigan. It’s been a usual winter with the temps and snow, but I have never experienced a winter where 6 out 7 days had no sunshine. Today was the first time in months that we had two days in a row of sunshine. What a boost in attitude to see that big ball of fire hanging around!

  5. Claudia, you should check out western Washington. If we’re lucky we get 2 sunny days a month during the winter. It gets old, but it does keep 40 million Californians away.

  6. Joe6, according to the local Las Vegas rag, 111,000* Californians moved to Nevada last year. *Net gain.

    Watch your ass, just pretend to ban straws and plastic bags.
    Learn from Florida & Texas.
    Join the other seven states without state income tax.

  7. Loco, believe it or not, but Washington is one of the states without a state income tax. We make up for it with plenty of other taxes.

  8. Damn Joe, you could have told me before the edit timer ran out!
    I hate being wrong!

    Thing is, I have lived in three of the seven states.
    Florida, Texas and now Nevada.
    I’ve also lived in three that had those damn state taxes. 🙁

  9. Here in Southern Oregon, at my house (elev. 2000 ft.) we’ve had 2 snow storms of 4″ this month, and more expected tomorrow. Luckily, it melts off pretty quickly. We are ready for spring. But it’s fun watching the “equity immigrants” from California struggling to drive in the snow.

  10. We have 21 in Southcentral Alaska. I actually am somewhat tired of winter this year – and I love winter. If there was no such thing as having to walk on ice, I could handle winter all year.

    Other than that, though, not too bad. Plus, we’ll have daylight soon!

  11. A neighbor kept track of the big snow we got last week in the Seattle area- 33 inches! I even sent “snow covered patio furniture on my deck” photos to show/annoy BFH! It hasn’t all melted yet, it’s still colder than normal and they are predicting 1-3 inches tomorrow. Yay! 🤞❄️

  12. We saw a large flock of robins yesterday here in Spokane so maybe just maybe these little birds know something and Winter will be over soon, I hope. We’re supposed to get more snow tonight, I just wish it would go away. And the ground hog was definitely wrong this year, that’s all I can say.

  13. Well, it’s actually unseasonably warm here in Scotland, about 12C or 54F, which of course is precisely because the polar vortex has dumped all the frigid air over North America instead of Europe, but you can bet our ‘warmest February on record’ is all we’ll be hearing about.

  14. I’ve begun measuring the snow moved by cubic yards. It was only 59 on Sunday. Looks like it will be 75 this morning. I feel better already.

  15. 15° here in beautiful cloudy upstate NY, warmer, a change from last week. 1-2 predicted for tonight. Where’s a climatologist I can thank for the global warming and frozen pipes.

  16. Well, here in Eastern Connecticut where the poor people live it’s 15 degrees. I’m sure my new Attorney General will sue President Trump for pulling out of the Paris Accord right after he’s done joining the other traitorous AGs suing the President for declaring a Nation Emergency for border security.
    I live in a effed up state.

  17. Last night in East Tenn, we had rain, thunder, lightning, (very very frightening me! Galileo!) and temps in the mid-upper 30s. WEIRD!

  18. In the center of AZ we had snow twice in Camp Verde this year.
    That’s a lot.
    In ’67 I heard there was 3 feet one day.
    As an Insurance Adjuster I approve of a repeat
    I don’t want anybody hurt,
    I just want all their stuff ruined

  19. joe6pak, I’ve been to Western Washington three times (1969, 1976 and 1990). Every one of them were sunny days and beautiful! Twice in August and once over Memorial Day. Do I have to move there for you guys to enjoy the sunshine more often?!

    I’m hoping that this is an aberrant winter here in MI and we won’t have the gloomy weeks/months ever again! Although, I do hate all sunny days – give me variety, thank you very much!


    Damn snow is comin’ down at 2″/hour in Pittsburgh this morning!!! 😮

  21. We were below zero for high temperatures here in Montana for about 2 weeks and we have about 14-18 inches of snow and it started snowing again. I shoveled snow for 8 days straight and after a two day break it is snowing again NOW.

  22. Here in SE Texas, we’ve received over 200 inches of rain since Hurricane Harvey eighteen months ago. Harvey alone was responsible for 58 3/4 inches at my home over a five day period. That’s a lot of rain, even for here. It’s raining again today with the high near 60. It’s been a mild winter but we need a dry spell.


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