Huckabee, Cruz Dismiss Planned Parenthood $20 Million Campaign


Rick Tyler, national spokesperson for Cruz’s campaign, told Breitbart News, “Planned Parenthood has been exposed for who they are and no amount of money is going to either repair their image nor harm pro-life candidates because Planned Parenthood has no credibility left.”


5 Comments on Huckabee, Cruz Dismiss Planned Parenthood $20 Million Campaign

  1. Send Planned Parenthood people to the Middle East where they too enjoy butchering children and any other helpless creature that happens along.

  2. Evil pays pretty well …

    they don’t need MY money.

    PP is a criminal organization straight out of the bowels of Hell and has no place in a civilized society.

    Or a once-civilized society.

  3. “….no credibility left.”
    I truly want to believe that but we are dealing with many indoctrinated Progs who WANT to believe PP’s mantra: women’s health care including mammograms, counselling and whatever other BS comes out of their mouths.

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