Huckabee Sanders Doesn’t Call on Jim Acosta at Presser – Gets Him Fwustwated


CNN reporter Jim Acosta expressed frustration on Monday after White House press secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders did not call on him at that day’s press briefing.

During the White House press briefing on Monday, Acosta attempted to ask Huckabee Sanders multiple questions, but she did not give him the opportunity to speak, calling on other reports instead.

“Gosh it’s so bizarre how @PressSec keeps avoiding questions from CNN. #cantstandtheheat,” Acosta tweeted afterward.



26 Comments on Huckabee Sanders Doesn’t Call on Jim Acosta at Presser – Gets Him Fwustwated

  1. Who can’t stand the heat there, Jimbo?

    Not like anybody would see it. It’s CNN. Your network hollers into an empty cave in the wilderness.

    You don’t exist.

  2. I don’t know why the WH press secretary would not call on the talking head equivalent of a Jerry Springer “guest.” Acosta is an embarrassment to everyone except himself and he’s got no ethics. Why couldn’t someone have #MeToo’d his a$$?

  3. CNN = ZERO credibility. Comes with a price.

    Ignore them. Persona non-grata. Invisible. No recognition. Unclean untouchables. Cooties!

  4. Give Acosta his own show. His viewers could hold a meeting in a Telephone Kiosk. How many of you remember a telephone kiosk? Hee. hee. Sometimes I laugh at things I think about The Jim Acosta show LOL.

  5. Yeah, she’s answering questions from a 98% liberal press corps, but she can’t ‘stand the heat’? Because she’s not talking to a fruity drink slurping child from CNN? Pfft.

  6. Has the idiot not noticed that there other reporters in the room? Why does Asscosta think he has a right to be called upon or allowed to monopolize the attention of Mrs Sanders?

  7. Maybe the CNN executives can connect the dots for Acosta and send a real reporter. But maybe their all out of them.

  8. 👑 DRAMA KING 👑 didn’t have a chance to HARASS or “bring the heat.”

    That’s funny. I thought news-gathering didn’t involve “heat.”

  9. Poor lying jimmy Acosta
    doesn’t like being lgnored
    Maybe if lying jimmy Acosta
    would tell the truth,
    he wouldn’t be ignored
    the jerks he works for

  10. Report the news asshole, then maybe you’ll be treated as a “news reporter”.

    As an opposition party operative, you’re lucky the POTUS even allows you inside to use the restroom.


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