Huff Poop Dumps Their Own Story Late Friday Afternoon Because It Slams Obama

Barney Frank says Obama lied.


“The rollout was so bad, and I was appalled — I don’t understand how the president could have sat there and not been checking on that on a weekly basis,” Frank told HuffPost during a July interview. “But frankly, he should never have said as much as he did, that if you like your current health care plan, you can keep it. That wasn’t true. And you shouldn’t lie to people. And they just lied to people.”

“My political motto, very simple. I have always told the truth, and nothing but the truth. But I don’t volunteer the whole truth in every situation.”

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Now is as good a time as any to post the most disturbing 10 seconds of footage I’ve ever created.

8 Comments on Huff Poop Dumps Their Own Story Late Friday Afternoon Because It Slams Obama

  1. I’m thankful that was only 10 seconds and not the full 20.

    So does this make Barney a hypocrite for blindly supporting Obama when it mattered (when he had a seat in the house and was a committee chairman) or an apostate to liberals for calling out his god as being less than infallible?

    Either way, Barney is only good for a laugh now, he’s a joke and a has been.

  2. The video…! Is this one of those new chairs that feels like you’re sitting in a fat belly, this model with a head and jazz hands?

  3. No way Tovarish Barney Fagg slobbered that quote vis-a-vis Sylvester The Cat dialect with enunciation sufficient for coherent translation. At his best he is unintelligible.

    HuffGlu made it up, or he scribbled it on an empty box of Ding Dongs.

  4. I noticed they did not have a comment thread right off the bat.

    Of course, why do you need comments when you know what they all are going to say?

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