HuffPo Author Calls on Michelle Obama to Run for Prez in Extremely Creepy, Rambling Poem

In a weird, creepy, and sycophantic poem, Huffington Post author Peter Doyle called on Michelle Obama to “step out of the shadows” and set the youth “afire” with her “genuine smile.”

The “one” who would set the youth “afire”

In “Open Letter to Michelle Obama,” Mr. Doyle outlines why he thinks Mrs. Obama should run for President.

“We call upon you to run for President of the United States,” Doyle begins. “We need to affirm, in the person we choose in 2016, that your husband’s election heralded a New America from which we will not retreat.

“The need is urgent,” he adds.

Doyle rambles on, “from the falls of the Kaiser, Hitler Saigon, Communism, Baghdad, and Tripoli
that our foresight, prosperity, and unity count for as much as our military power in the conflicts we face now.”

Michelle Obama must set the youth “afire,” he continues. “All this must light-up in the eyes of the young if it is to live. Your Presidency would set them afire here and across the world as no other’s could you are of them and you embody our new era as no others do without personal ambition but with a genuine smile a razor Harvard-Law mind a head to call on the military and a heart not to do so in haste and the flinty can-do backbone of your forebears’ rise from slavery through the Southside to your most intimate grasp of what it takes to be a New American President.

“So we call upon you to step out of the shadows and take up the fight,” he writes to Mrs. Obama.

“Now is your time to rise,” Doyle concludes.

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  1. really? work is frustrating today and now I read that there is even one person in America that want’s an angry grumpy bitter POS to be president? that is one more supporter than she ever deserves

  2. “…step out of the shadows…”

    Ahhh, I’m fairly culturally unplugged and I see that despicable visage far too often as it is.

    What the hell, let’s finish off the country with a racist tranny-I’ll bet no one saw that one coming.

  3. Conspiracy Theory Alert: Biden not running, Hillary the easy nominee.

    Obama Administration waits until the final few months before the election and Hillary is indicted by the DOJ and is no longer eligible.

    Michelle steps in, does not suffer the slings and arrows, and takes the Presidency.

    The Reign of the Unicorn continues.

  4. I can’t wait to see what he rights when Trump gets elected: “FLOUNCE ALERT! FLOUNCE ALERT! ALL COMMIES ON DECK!

  5. My first thought was that she’d almost certainly get a higher percentage of the vote than any Dem running. Similar to Hillary’s Senate coup, the Left just dotes on a certain few.

  6. I’ll never understand the desire to have someone else tell you what to do. Michelle would micro-politick us all one carrot at a time.

  7. Get your facts, straight, dude. She’s from Inkwell Beach, Martha’s Vineyard, playground of America’s black elite.

  8. well poetry is interpretive & my take on “come out of the shadows” is for the tranny to expose its self & run, michael robinson, run.
    TRUMP/WALL 2016

  9. Doyle…You just won the Dooch a roonie Award!
    Now that ya mention it,Shelly has been laying rather low these days. NEVER underestimate these Idiots.

  10. I don’t think we’ve descended that far yet into Bizarro World. God, I hope not. I’d like to say that no one could be that stupid but I’m probably wrong. As if shrillary or Bernie or any other democrap isn’t bad enough.

  11. They just want to keep the bi-racial POTUS in the WH for another 4-8 years and make it a “partnership” position. No thanks.

    I’m starting to agree with the suggestion that the POTUS will go for Secretary-General of the UN so that he can rule the world.

  12. On Fire is the key phrase. Obama has set the mid east, N. Africa, and Europe on fire, and is gathering kindling into the US to set it on fire also. Moose or Hillary would set the kindling on fire by pumping oxygen to the already smoldering kindling.

    Anyway, just more proof that Obama is not the problem, He is just the major pain symptom of the existing problem. It’s the large collection of people who think like Doyle who are feeding the disease.

  13. Let her enter the race. Then have someone ask her a tough question, then another, then another, and never let up.

    Then we’d get to watch Mrs. Bitterman explode with typical black socialist rage.

  14. Having Mooshelle step in to save the Democrats after a Hildebeest indictment is not an unimaginable scenario, and is in fact being quietly peddled around among Dhimmies. The hell of it is it might work.

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