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HuffPo Author: Saying “All Lives Matter” an Act of Terrorism

Writing for the Huffington Post, writer Shea Watts wonders aloud how the United States could possibly condemn ISIS when the US has been committing terrorism for hundreds of years.

His article, “Looking Within: The Convenient Amnesia of American Terrorism,” argues that Americans have perpetrated terrorism for centuries and that we must face these facts or else we are hypocrites for condemning the terror attacks in Paris last week.


“How much blood is on our hands?” Watts asks. “What a shame that we, as a nation, have not looked upon our sins. We have not asked forgiveness for the the lives and bodies and communities we have destroyed. These unreconciled acts of the past continue to manifest themselves in our society.”

Hypocritical whites and Christians have terrorized black people for hundreds of years. African Americans are, in fact, still subjects of terrorism.

“We live in a country where the dead body of a black teenager can be left in the street for hours, where police are recorded, time after time, beating, shooting, and mistreating blacks, but are seldom charged for their crimes,” he writes.

“How convenient is it that so many act as if these acts of terror never happened or pretend that this degree of hate does not exist?” Watts asks.

“Do we realize how these terrorist acts are reaffirmed and even recommitted by not only our actions, but also by our words?” he says, stating that words can “recommit” acts of terror. “At the very least, this should make one pause and think before one says, “ALL LIVES MATTER.””

Watts concludes, “So before you make a statement on race, educate yourself on the history of American terrorism… We must come to terms with our own violence against our own people before we can condemn ISIS and the likes of them.”

iOTW Report was the first to write about Watts’s article.

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  1. That’s a lot of white guilt packed in to one tiny little man. He is so far above all of us knuckle draggers isn’t he? I hope he enjoys what happens to his little piece of the world when reality comes knocking.

  2. One white German prick did invent marxism which led to 100’s of millions of deaths world wide.

    That’s why I hate all socialists of every stripe.

    It’s this secular mindset along with moselm’s and paganism that has caused all of the suffering in this world.

    This little dweeb is an apologist for genocide and oppression.

    Plus he looks retarded

  3. You want atrocities? I live in a remote area where a white man can fall dead off his horse from a heart attack in the middle of a pasture and be left there dead for 30 years before anybody finds him.

  4. “Wear pajamas. Drink hot chocolate. Talk about getting health insurance. Write for the Huffington Post.”

  5. Everything this guy is complaining about allegedly happens in cities run by godless liberals. How about the fact blacks are killing each other an aborting their babies at alarming rates?! This guy is a delusional sh!t bag.

  6. What a pathetic looser. I’d like to see white people who talk like this have to navigate their way through any black neighborhood in any city starting at 11pm, just to see how far they’d make it without being robbed, assaulted or murdered.

  7. Is HuffnPuff paying their columnists yet? I recall AOL’s chief reason (although not said in public) was that they would get all these commentators for free because Arianna had really screwed them over and they actually believed that to get published was better then getting paid. Anyway, if you’re talking about the West versus Islamic Fundamentalist Terrorists the thing this dweeb is missing is that we are in the 21st century and it’s rules while the Muslim murderers are coming from the 11 century and it’s rules and their main goal is to drag the world back to the 11 century so that these low self-esteem killers can feel better about themselves.

  8. I suggest a very painful suicide
    for him to atone for his horrid
    sinful whiteness. Then we can
    get back to making and drinking
    good beer without the noisy whine.

  9. If believing all lives matter makes me a terrorist in this kid’s pumpkin head, I’d just like to hear his take on ISIS.

  10. I don’t see any of the blacks refusing to use those racist EBT cards, or fleeing back to that shining tower of civilization, Africa.

    They need us. We do not need them.

  11. “A lie repeated often enough, becomes fact.”

    Whenever the media, which is the propaganda arm of National and Inter-National Socialism, beams the same foolish lie, consistently, and repeatedly, you know truth and facts are under attack.

    I challenge this categorical, pathological liar to quantify and clarify his assertions.

  12. National Socialism is pro-Power. It is colorblind.
    Inter-National Socialism, which you call “Communism/Cultural Marxism” is, oddly enough, also pro-Power. It is colorblind, as well.

    Both of these, as well as izlam, are totalitarian systems which seek to oppress the majority of humanity for the financial benefits of a few.

  13. What will happen when he is turned away at the pearly gates (not for me to say, but I’m just making a pretty good guess)? We will hear the whine and sobs from beyond the grave.

    Maybe God will be merciful (?) and stick him in a far corner of hell where he will live eternally in his liberal utopia – with nothing to be aggrieved about and nothing to live for. I feel sorry for him already.

    Well, not much.

  14. What I have noticed about the “Obama” administration is that the liberals have been allowing themselves to drop their guard. They are now saying out loud what they have restrained themselves from saying and embarrassing themselves. That and confirming our suspicions about them since the twenties and thirties. Just wait, they will begin to advocate all kinds of horrible things that we never thought anyone would allow in society.

  15. But he has that faggy little peach – fuzz goatee which I desperately yearn to slap off his smug little lib weenieface.

  16. Do NOT call Karl Marx a GERMAN. He was a JEW. That’s what we get for being “liberal” and allowing those who are a poisonous ENEMY to our race to live among us.

  17. Ummm, that “white German” was a member of a particular middle eastern “tribe” that has torn this world asunder. Oh, & the hierarchy of the soviet politburo during the holomodor was also of that same tribe (Levrenty Beria, Lev Bronstein-Trotsky, Lev Mehklis)

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