HuffPo Editor: “Zucchini” is now a Type of Sexual Identity

According to Noah Michelson, the Executive Editor of Gay Voices at The Huffington Post, there are many types of sexualities and relationships other than “hetero,” “homo” and “bi.”

Michelson outlined these different types of sexualities in an article published yesterday titled, “What’s A Skoliosexual?

He then defines “12 terms related to sexual and romantic identities that are beginning to receive more attention in the media but that are still regularly absent or erased from conversations currently taking place in popular culture.”

The picture the article uses to describe "Zucchinis"
The picture the article uses to describe “Zucchinis”

Among these terms is “Graysexual,” which means “a magical place between asexual and someone who is sexual.” There is also “Lithromantic,” which means “a person who experiences romantic love but does not want their feelings to be reciprocated.”

Further, there is “Skoliosexual,” which means “”sexual attraction to non-binary identified individuals” or those who do not identify as cisgender.”

The last word that Michelson includes in his list is “Zucchini,” which means, “The name for a partner who is involved in a queerplatonic relationship, as in “he’s my zucchini.””

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  1. If zucchini is a type of sexual identity, then I guess I’m just a lonely Vienna sausage by comparison.


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