HuffPo Hires 9/11 Truther as National Security Correspondent Revolt

On Wednesday night, Sam Stein, political editor and White House correspondent for the Huffington Post, announced a huge hire:

Pretty psyched, @DonteStallworth is joining HuffPost as a Politics Fellow covering national security

Stallworth is mostly known as a 10-year veteran of the NFL who played for the New Orleans Saints, Philadelphia Eagles, New England Patriots, Cleveland Browns, Baltimore Ravens, and Washington Redskins. In 2009, Stallworth pled guilty to a DUI manslaughter charge after hitting and killing a man in Miami Beach. He was suspended by the NFL for the full 2009 season. He is also a 9/11 truther

He also has a stellar theory on the spread of H1N1 and how vaccination is a big conspiracy.

How did he get the job, aside from those sterling national security credentials? He was besties with Arianna Huffington:


image: CBS LA

18 Comments on HuffPo Hires 9/11 Truther as National Security Correspondent

  1. This guy has zero credibility as a journalist.
    Interestingly, that fact will not really damage the Huffington Post’s credibility as a news source.

  2. “In 2009, Stallworth pled guilty to a DUI manslaughter charge…”

    So he’ll be writing from inside prison, right?

  3. I decided not to follow the link to his “storify” on H1N1. sigh.

    With the degree of concussive and substance abuse brain damage he’s suffered, plus having killed an person, he’s perfect for the job.

  4. Now it’s starting to make sense why there are no jobs available for me. I haven’t tried the dirtbag and manslaughter entries on my resume.

  5. I’ll be sho to read evythang he wites. It sho be above anythang HuffPo done so far… do ya hear what I’m sayin’? I’d like a sack please.

  6. This animal should have been executed in Miami after he murdered an innocent victim. In a sane world, anyone who comes in contact with him would say, “Sorry, our policy is: we don’t talk to murderous animals. Have Adrianna send someone else.” (Door slams)

  7. Wow, with a resume like that he’s a natural for HuffnPuff. I wonder if his job description includes “servicing” Arianna Huffington herself.

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