HuffPo Won’t Go Down the Rabbit Hole With Maddow

The left’s media darling, Rachel Maddow, connected one too many dots Thursday night in trying to blame the deaths of four special forces members in Niger to the President. Even Huffington Post declared that the MSNBC host had gone too far this time.


Emerging details cast suspicion for the attack on the chief of the village the soldiers were visiting the night of the attack.  The chief has reported to have been arrested. More

17 Comments on HuffPo Won’t Go Down the Rabbit Hole With Maddow

  1. Little Ricky Mancow appears to suffer mad cow disease. I can’t stand to hear one word out of her twisted sideways sneering maw.

  2. Fredomania Wilson says that Niger will be Trump’s Benghazi. Who owns the Benghazi?….Obama?,Hillary?….many more???….

  3. Well when Trump has a guy who made a video arrested, sends out his Chief of Staff to the talk shows to blame a video and nobody can count for his whereabouts, then Maddcow has a point. Oh, Sorry my bad, that was Obama, not Trump!

  4. This woman and Larry O’Donnell. How anyone can stand to listen to them at all is beyond me. I can’t tolerate much of Hannity, and he’s on my side!

  5. So Rachel Mad Cow finally went too far even for the other proglodytes. Maybe the left really is collapsing from within.

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