HuffPo Writer: Harriet Tubman was Super Hot, “A Total 10”

In an article published this month on the Huffington Post, author Zeba Blay declared that “Harriet Tubman, Who’s Being Recognized More And More, Is A Total 10.”

The article by Ms. Blay outlines a rare photograph of the legendary abolitionist. “The portrait shows a much younger Tubman than we have ever seen,” she writes. And according to Blay, this rare picture of the legendary Tubman is important because she was hot.

Aside from Ms. Blay’s headline, which declares Ms. Tubman “a total 10,” the author again emphasizes Ms. Tubman’s beauty by quoting Historian Kate Larson, who also calls the icon “beautiful.”

The objectification of Ms. Tubman is striking, considering that Ms. Blay has repeatedly decried women being depicted as only “beautiful” or “attractive,” and nothing more.

For example, in her article, “Don’t Use Alicia Keys’ Bare Face To Shame Women Who Wear Makeup,” she says that people need to stop judging women based on their looks. Unfortunately, “society polices women’s bodies,” Blay wrote.

And now she is, apparently, judging an abolitionist icon, in part, by her looks.

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  1. There are those who become enamored of someone depicted in a photograph (as we read in “The Idiot”) but that has more to do with the viewer’s romantic (not necessarily sexual in nature) notions than anything even remotely concerning the one depicted.
    This is similar to the way TV addicts come to believe that the personages portrayed on shows are their “friends” and they have difficulty believing that those people (on the TV) really couldn’t care less about them, or care whether they lived or died.
    People sure are strange.

    izlamo delenda est …

  2. Bman – Andrew Jackson is a chapter in American history, Tubman is barely a footnote. Andrew Jackson won the battle of New Orleans. Was he more racist than George Washington, the man you have as your picture, a salve holder? Andrew Jackson was a god fearing, gun toting American, war hero, patriot and president! Tubman only fought for her race, Jackson fought for America.

  3. Onginer- I would say Tubman fought for more than just her race. She fought to end slavery in America. There were white slaves, too, and black slave owners. She fought for what is right. Her fight for her beliefs and others like her with similar beliefs eventually won out. The comment about Jackson is one I frequently use around liberals as a thumb in the eye and make them hyperventilate. That’s why I make sure to include that he was a Democrat. Libs hate hearing that. But of course, it was a different time back then. Still, it wouldn’t bother me one iota to see Jackson replaced by her on the $20.

  4. Bman – the problem with saying that to Liberals about Jackson is that they don’t care. In their eyes it’s a white man being replaced with an inconsequential black woman. Your reverse psychology only rewrites history in a PC manner. Read the Pat Buchanan article I linked too, hopefully it changes your opinion of Jackson, who was the greatest U.S. President tied with James Polk.

  5. Onginer- “The problem with saying that to Liberals about Jackson is that they don’t care. In their eyes it’s a white man being replaced…”

    I will agree with you there. I just disagree that she was inconsequential. As far as greatest Presidents, I’, more of a Washington or Coolidge guy myself. Heck, even Grover Cleveland gets my respect as a President who understood limited government, which is what Im all about. I will read your article.

  6. Regardless, the irony of the left wanting to replace the man who is the father of the democratic party with a woman who was fiercely Republican is, well, very ironic.

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