Here’s your UPDATE from @Mr_Pinko – HUFFPO WRITER TRESPASSES FOA / James O’Keefe Private Event (EXCLUSIVE VIDEO)

Huffington post writer crashed an FOA (Friends of Abe) PRIVATE EVENT. The Friends of Abe is a PRIVATE Organization of people who work in the Entertainment Industry that happen to be Conservative.

An uninvited Huffington Post writer, Ryan Clayton crashed the event, took over a microphone and began slandering FOA’s Guest Speaker James O’Keefe. A struggle ensued for the microphone. Clayton and another accomplice (22 year old Jason Robert Charter) refused to leave peacefully. They were ejected from the event, the police arrived and the lies began as Clayton and Charter cried victim.

In the investigation, @Mr_Pinko ended up getting roughed up by a police officer that did not want the investigation documented on VIDEO. I FULLY SUPPORT THE POLICE. LOOK AT THE VIDEO HERE and see the LIES from the LEFT, how Conservatives welcomed the police with the chant “Blue Lives Matter” and James O’Keefe’s take on the whole incident.

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11 Comments on HUFFPO WRITER TRESPASSES FOA / James O’Keefe Private Event (EXCLUSIVE VIDEO)

  1. Much ado about nothing. Grow up all of you. Everybody acted like a bunch of pussies. That’s no way to take care of business. I’m ashamed of all of them.

  2. Get used to it. Leftists will only get bolder and more violent as their utopia unravels.
    We had a little gathering in central Virginia on Saturday, where republican candidates for gov, lt gov and attorney general made their campaign pitches. There were leftist protesters even at that little event.

  3. I fear it is only a matter of time before our side starts administering pistol whippings and the real wailing and gnashing of teeth begins.

  4. I’m not sure who else at the event was packing, but I’m sure it was formidable. Plus it was across the street from county sheriff’s office.

  5. “Next time invite Brad 😁”

    You wouldn’t catch me at an event like that dead. After the shit progresses that far you’re down to Grade School Bull Shit. Next time get some security on the door and get a list of names that are allowed in. If you’re not on the list your not coming in. If “The Friends of Abe” rented that place they have the right to determine who is admitted. We as conservatives are under estimating our enemy and we do seem to be at war. But that situation in the video is sad and it should not have gone there.

  6. Until every single person on the right, (whether you like Mitch McConnell or Richard Spencer), HAS to accept that the left is filled with nothing but a cadre of mentally ill people who will get violent anywhere or goad their most unhinged useful idiots like Antifa “punch Nazis.” Accept this folks, they think we ALL are Nazis.
    Please accept this, and be prepared to fight back. They are no longer the “loyal opposition,” they are the enemy.
    Plan accordingly.

  7. The statement that we as conservatives need to understand the left and not underestimate them is spot on.

    This ‘discussion’ we find ourselves in with the left is not going well when you look at the education system and the role models that our children are exposed to. The battle for the future is being waged in our pre-schools, nursery schools, grade and high schools and colleges and if we continue to cede victory to the left winged liberals who control these institutions we have lost already.

    Not only have we surrendered the education system we have also surrendered the media to the liberal left. We do not react with vigour when the left castigates us unfairly nor do we speak up. Bush 1 and 2 only made this worse. You cannot ignore falsehoods that are spoken by the left. Everytime you do not respond to a lie, the lie becomes fact in the liberal left’s mind.

    The result of our having surrendered the raising of our kids and the media outlets results in these disrespectful and irresponsible attacks upon conservatives as a whole. While we, upright and proper conservatives, carry on politely and with dignity, the left is slinging mud and crap at all of us and in the aftermath the media lapdogs then blame us, conservatives, for the confrontation.

    We have to make a choice and the time to choose is upon us. With the results of this election we have been given a reprieve from our potential demise. It will not last long.

    We either start fighting fire with fire or else we lie down and die. That is what the majority of Europe has done and look at the fine mess they have going on over there. Hell, Canadian conservatives have effectively surrendered and they are being rolled up into a politically correct utopian hell that none of us would want.

    Make a stand or go home. We need to choose.

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