HuffPost Editor Openly Brags About Achieving Goal of Publishing Less Than 50% White Authors

I see white democrats have never stopped participating in racism-

Month two of @HuffPost Opinion is almost done. This month we published: 63% women, inc. trans women; 53% writers of colour.

Our goals for this month were: less than 50% white authors (check!), Asian representation that matches or exceeds the US population (check!), more trans and non-binary authors (check, but I want to do better).

I don’t think this crazy lady thinks what she’s doing is racist.

It is.

27 Comments on HuffPost Editor Openly Brags About Achieving Goal of Publishing Less Than 50% White Authors

  1. Meh. At least with HuffPo, using affirmative action instead of quality and experience won’t result in people being crushed to death beneath their blazing incompetence.

  2. As a white woman, I think she should off herself to make room for a nonwhite editor. Does she think she’s special!?!

  3. She does realize she is white–right? She needs to give up her job for a POC and set a great example of idiocy.

  4. Another privileged Jewish girl with acquired pseudointellectual self-loathing syndrome.

    We really should be encouraging these types to zero out their carbon footprint.
    Eco-euthanasia to save Mother Gaia.
    Live-streamed, of course, on all the socials.

  5. I understand. But it still disappoints me. The white supremacist, Nazi, Fascist, misogynist, transphobic, yearning to be homophilic, angry white men, won’t let me join their club, with their spiffy uniforms. Even though I’m amply capable of making the trains run on time, to the new holiday camps. All because I insist on inviting so many white people to go.

  6. So much for judging people by the content of character (or quality of writing) instead of the color of skin…

  7. Imagine if Mark Twain, imagine, imagine, imagine?
    Are we going phucking nuts?
    Why can’t we rid the country of these phucking communist
    OK it will happen some time up the line, I’ll be gone, but there will be a violent revolution in this country.
    The sooner, the better.

  8. According to Hillary, “White people suck”, and that is the platform the progtards run on; i.e. it’s just another manifestation of their natural proclivity towards self loathing…

  9. Also notice almost total lack of real black skinned people in commercials produced to appeal to mixed race or black families. It seems that TV execs believe that most black families have about 85% Caucasian blood. In the words of Yule Brenner in “The King and I”, “Eeaze….., a pozzulement!”


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