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Hug a Muz

In a blatant act of committing an utterly meaningless feel-good gesture, a Muslim man stood at one of the spots where Terrorists murdered innocent Parisians, blindfolded himself, and then challenged bystanders to give him a “hug.”


With a sign saying “I’m a Muslim and I’m told I’m a terrorist. I trust you. Do you trust me? If yes, hug me,”  the video of the event went viral, generating over 25 million views.


16 Comments on Hug a Muz

  1. Taqiyya has to seem “heartwarming” in order for the bleating sheep to be fooled. What a bunch of brain dead morons western people are these days.

  2. If you’re a muslim then heck yes you’re a goddamn terrorist. Get a card that says otherwise. The whole point of being a muslim is to destroy humanity. If you consider lefty siding with the green movement, there’s your population control!

  3. Try that shit in Saudi Arabia, Turkey, Iraq, Yemen, Syria, Palestine, etc. as a Christian holding a Bible and a sign advertising that and let us know how long you last. Be sure to take a watch with a second hand just so yer accurate. Bonus points for being female!!

  4. Hugamuz sounds like a disease the symptoms of which you lose your head literally. The common cure is wipe them out entirely with brute and massive force until there are none left. The Marines, Army, Navy, Air Force and Special Forces, Seals etc. and a nuke or two are known relief agents for wiping out the scourge of hugamuz.

  5. I”m sorry, am fresh outta sympathy.
    Now if we are standing at the airport with every single passenger
    with a ticket for home, I might reconsider.

  6. Blindfolded? Perfect opportunity to swap out the sign for one that says, “I’m a terrorist muzzie, Kick Me”. hehehehehehehe

  7. what? not one jew ran up and knifed him for being muslim?
    you’re kidding me.

    what ever happened to all the islamaphobia we hear about? the rampant beating of mulsim persons by jews and christians.

    the msm just doesn’t want you to know I guess.
    I mean it’s all over the msm when a muslim knifes a jew in israel.

    what, there are no knifings of muslims by jews and christians? but rachael madow and chris matthews and juan williams said…

    oh, never mind.

  8. That’s all well and dandy until they get to be 15% to 20% of the population. Then, you’re in for real trouble. Nip it in the bud.

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