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Huge Brawl in Germany Asylum Centre

The Dortmund asylum seeker reception centre was the scene of the brawl where over a dozen migrants attacked each other, the entire incident caught on film. The injuries sustained by several of the migrants involved in the fight led to hospitalisations and authorities struggle to determine a motive for the violence. Video here

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  1. Muslims have been hating/killing each other since Mohammed died in 632 A.D. And before that there were hating/killing each other on a tribal level.

    The only time they weren’t cutting each others’ throats and raping each others’ women was when Christ’s missionaries brought them out of savagery.

    Toss a few dozen feral dogs into a cage and you’ll get the same results.

    Winston Churchill once made the observation: ‘The Hun is always either at your throat or at your feet’.

    Apparently this bit of wisdom applies to more than one race.

  2. “…authorities struggle to determine a motive for the violence.”

    Wait, what? Are these the same authorities that are still looking for the motive in Orlando, San Bernadino, France, Great Britain, Spain….

  3. Marrying cousins for 1400 years is not going to produce an intelligent, psychologically stable base.
    The ones who aren’t drooling imbeciles are raging ferals of room-temperature IQs.
    Retarded and murderous. Not desirable integration traits.

  4. MM- just fyi- in several posts, (not yours) I have seen San BernaRdino spelled San Bernadino- no 2nd r.
    Considering what happened there I just think we should get the name right.
    I was born and raised there and it used to be a nice place. Back when America was free and safe! Now it’s a mexican cesspool and bankrupt.

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