Huge Global Child Abuse Network Taken Down by German Authorities

NeonNettle: A huge global child abuse network has been taken down during a widespread operation by German authorities, according to reports.

Police in Germany say they have uncovered one of the largest ever online pedophile rings, successfully identifying over 1,600 suspects involved in the network.

While many of the suspects were located across Germany, digital forensic experts traced pedophiles operating from the US, Austria, Switzerland, and France.

Authorities were able to identify hundreds of pedophiles around the world on suspicion of producing, possessing, or sharing images of child sex abuse in online chat groups.

According to a statement from Bavarian police, the suspects were being evaluated as part of “two large-scale trials” being prepared by police and prosecutors to clamp down on pedophilia in the country.

If convicted, all suspects would be looking at a prison term of “not less than a year.” more

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  1. Sooooooo … I assume Pedo Joe has “diplomatic immunity?”
    Hunter, too?
    Bill Clinton?
    John Roberts?
    Bill Barr?
    John Durham?
    The Emanuel Brothers?

    izlamo delenda est …

  2. Once upon a time, our own FBI did things like that.
    Now they’re investigating garage door pulls that might look kinda like a noose.


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