Hugo Chavez 2.0 Now Running Mexico

CTH: The official announcement is coming momentarily.  All other candidates have conceded.  Looks like Andrés Manuel López Obrador, an avowed soft-Marxist, will EASILY end up with 53 to 59% of the vote and is the next President of Mexico


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  1. I can’t think of a better reason than him to keep the illegal-alien invading rat-people out of our beautiful country. The trashy troglodytes who would elect that have no reason coming here – it’s obvious they have no “yearning to be free” but are parasitic maggots.

    izlamo delenda est …

  2. This sleazy extremist thinks he was just elected as emperor of all of the north american continent. He can direct Mexican rabble to flood across the border and demand largesse.
    We’re going to need to get this jerks mind right.

  3. We’ve been in a cold war with Mexico for at least a century. Everything they do is directed at undermining us. They are slow and don’t learn their lessons.
    I think they need another ass kicking.

  4. Build the damn wall and deploy a couple of divisions to the border. It won’t be long before they are eating the animals at the zoo.

  5. Fantastic. Time for a hyphenated summit meeting between Lopez-Obrador and our new socialist shadow President, Ocasio-Cortez. And time for the nevertrumpers to present their principled conservative defense of socialism. These two things will happen before Labor Fay.

  6. Obrador has publicly stated that illegal immigration to the United States is a Mexican right. This statement is simply a declaration of war and should be treated as such. War with the US has never worked out too well for the Mexicans and I don’t think it will this time either. Mexico has never been an ally of the states and in fact colluded with the Nazis in WWII to undermine us. Mexico has been a shithole since the mid 1800’s and will continue to be under this administration. We do not need them near as much as they need us.

  7. just build the wall.

    why have a war with mexico, nothing to gain from it.

    our best course of action would be to return all the mexicans trampling our border and make them deal with their citizens.

    do not let their rulers get away with sending their problems our way !

  8. Let’s see if he opens and does away with Mexico’s southern border. If not, he’s a typical hypocrite of the left.
    Mexico is already a cesspool. My husband works for a multinational company and he travels a bit with them. Mexico is on their no go zone list. It’s at the same security warning level as Afghanistan.

  9. Heard on news this morning that over a 100 politicians have died leading up to this. Corruption at its highest level. Bet democrats would love to do that as well.

  10. Mexico’s election proves why we can’t have these people here. They’re flooding into this country to escape conditions in their home country yet they overwhelmingly elect just the type of moron who produces those very conditions.

  11. Maybe Trump can convince him to do like American Marxists and give away the store to his people so they don’t have to come to the US for all the freebies.

  12. AMLO’s platform includes:

    •mass migration of Mexican nationals into Southern U.S.

    •create AmeriMex border region

    •remittance of earnings back to Mexico as initiative for rapid domestic economic growth.

    Not to sound frivolous or anything, but This Means War!

  13. Any American that’s OK with open borders needs to spend a month down in Tijuana on vacation.
    You know, live a little bit of it first, no?

  14. Why do the Latin American countries so readily commit political suicide? Why do these ideas sell so well in the south?

    We’ve certainly had our issues with socialists, but the S. American countries seem to love this stuff.

  15. To hell with the wall, replace the Panama Canal with a two mile wide navigable canal from the Gulf of Mexico to the Pacific.

  16. Organgrinder and American Bob: What intelligent person looks at Venezuela and says “I’ll vote for that.”? We certainly do not need these idiots in our country.

    Gov’t benefits to citizens only!

  17. Saw a clownish ‘spokesman’ for Mexico last night on the 9PM Channel 14 news say… and I quote… “You will never see a photograph of Mexico’s new President shaking hands with Donald Trump”.

    His statement was so laughable I watched this morning’s news programs… Ch. 4 local, Ch 14 local, and CBS Morning News national, just to see it again for another laugh. It was no where to be seen… anywhere.

    Shows you just how over the top the El Paso Trump haters and open borders crowd is. Even the haters wouldn’t play that clip again.

  18. I can hardly wait for him to start nationalizing all those Maquilla plants the MBA set moved to MX.

  19. Presidente AMLO will likely be more of a Lula than a Chavez — not that the end result couldn’t be as devastating. He has shown a propensity to use mobs in the streets (that is what Democracy looks like) to get his way.

    If he is following the Chavista playbook, look for him to quickly isolate his political opposition, concoct a majority in Congress and call for a Constitutional Convention. The wildcards will be the Narcos, and possibly Monterrey, Tijuana and Juarez.

    If he pushes too hard too fast, it isn’t going to be pretty. Trump will then need to militarize the border and we will be facing millions of real refugees.


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