Huma Abedin Doesn’t Know How Her Emails Wound Up on Her Husband’s Computer

Breitbart: Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton’s top aide Huma Abedin said she doesn’t know how her emails wound up on a device she said was her husband’s computer, according to a person familiar with the investigation.

The person, who requested anonymity, said Abedin was not a regular user of the computer and her lawyers did not search it for materials, thinking no messages would be there even after she agreed to turn over her messages to the State Department for record-keeping, the Washington Post reported.

On June 28, 2016, Abedin swore under oath that she looked for all devices containing work information so the records could be given to the State Department, the Daily Beast reported.



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  1. I would bet that the US no longer has ANY State SECRETS. With obama, hillary, and the “administration” they put together – all of our enemies now know everything about us they want.

  2. Standard Democrat defenses for investigations.

    1)I can’t recall
    2)I don’t remember
    3)I have no idea how that happened.
    4)I first about it from the press.
    5)It depends what the definition of the word “is” is.
    6)I plead the 5th.

    Standard State Media reporting of above answers for Democrats.
    ” completely absolved of all charges.”

    Standard State media reporting of above answers for Republicans
    “Republican reported to be obstructing justice.”

  3. Is it possible that our country has just been inadvertently saved by, of all people, Carlos Danger?

  4. It makes sens that Tuna Appetite would keep them as ‘Life Insurance’. If there ever was somebody who knew too much, it’s her.

    No deals – bring down the whole stinking lot of them.

    Once again, Trump has shown serious leadership where NO republican before him would have ever had the balls. Can you imagine Romney or McCain telling HC in a nationally televised debate that he would appoint a special prosecutor to investigate her?!?!?

    Trump/Pence 2016!!

  5. Huma, here’s how classified material addressed to you or from you ends up on ANY computer:

    1. You type in your credentials to receive or send said email.

    That’s it! It’s a 1 step process.

  6. Huma, if you’re not lawyered up already, I hear that Gloria Allred might be looking for a new high-profile client. Apparently, her last meal ticket isn’t panning out.

  7. Huma’s looking sickly these daze …. Very much thinner (gaunt) in recent pics. The stresses being placed on all those involved with “ANYTHING CLINTON” simply have to be impacting the sales of Tumms ….

  8. Simple explanation! When old anti-technology Hillary wiped her server she mistakenly shook out the dust rag over Huma’s computer and infected it with computer dust mites!

  9. Allow me to throw in…
    The 650K emails ended up on her laptop because she set it up to back up her phone.
    This way the Mullahs could remotely access her computer at will and be updated in real time.
    She automated the Spy game.
    Huma Abedein is Hillary’s Iranian Handler, just like Valerie Jarrett is Bat Boy’s.
    Carlos Danger is America’s Super Secret Super Spy.
    He plays the role of a pedophile so he can bring down the Persian Cabal.
    He is our Inspector Clouseau

  10. Huma is just as crooked and evil as Hillary.
    She knows exactly how all those emails “ended up” on Weiner’s PC.
    And she was too cute by half in naming the folder “insurance”.

    @Boehnerdict, since Friday when this story broke, I’ve often thought of the exquisite irony of Weiner Boy being the catalyst that would take down the Clintons.

  11. Ever try to talk about Information Security with someone as arrogant as Hillary?

    They don’t understand it, they don’t want to understand it, and they don’t give a fuck.

    They just view security as a unnecessary expense. If they built cars they’d probably make them without brakes because “you can just add that in later” and “save some money for now”

  12. Trump had it right months ago: “But ‘Huma knows all those emails,’ Trump insisted on Wednesday, ‘and she’s married to a deviant who has a big mouth.’

    Trump also was aghast at last week’s news that Weiner has accepted a $100,000 salary as an advisory board member at MWW, a crisis-communications firm.

    ‘He just went to work for a public relations firm!’ Trump blared.

    ‘So think of this – Hillary is giving confidential, top-of-the-line secrets to Huma, who has all her information. Because everything goes through Huma – she has everything – who’s telling her husband, who’s a deviant and now works for a public relations firm.'”

    The rest at the Daily Mail:

  13. Hmmm. It could be that Carlos Danger created the “Insurance” file for himself but never got an opportunity to leverage it and get himself out of hot water before the Feds discovered it. Not so hard to do. If Hummer was backing up regularly with a service (like Carbonite) and Carlos knew her password to access her cloud stored records, he could just then restore them to his device in the “Insurance” file.

  14. I suspect that laptop was insurance either for Huma to use against Hillary or Hillary to use to blackmail others. They never thought Weiner would be dragged into email scandal.

    People as wealthy as Abedin/Weiner who are used to sending the bill to others do not share laptops or keep using old laptops. 650K emails takes up a lot of hard drive space. That’s what it was dedicated to.

    This was an insurance policy.

  15. Maybe we should have a national policy on work-related emails of federal employees in security sensitive jobs. Since the stakes are so high, we would probably need to throw government employees who failed to abide by such a policy in jail, to ensure compliance. This would keep sensitive emails from accidentally getting into less secure places they shouldn’t be.


    We do?

    Never Mind.

  16. Someone or more in that party of happy pirates was hedging their bets. They saved them for a reason. They know what Gramma is capable of, and this was the Witness Protection key to open that door so they can go “poof” into the night and live another day. I can see it now, months of Congressional committees asking question by question to fill in their five minutes, and have Hummus repeat like a parrot, “on advice of my counsel, blah blah blah” I am sure Chaffetz is drooling at the thought. Trey is telling himself, I hope Trump appoints me Attorney General so I can sidestep this Cirque du Soliel.

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