Huma Off the Campaign Trail and Lawyering Up

As Hillary Clinton was making a swing through Florida this weekend there was a noticeable absence from her entourage, Huma Abedin.  She was back in New York City meeting with her attorneys as she prepares to meet with the Justice Department and the FBI.


You know Huma, there’s makeup that will cover those bus tire marks across your face.

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  1. Perhaps the laptop is hers, she left it in the apartment with Weiner and he used it without her knowledge. In any event, she should request protective custody or risk being the next Clinton contact that committed suicide on the happiest day of her life by shooting herself twice in the back of the head.

  2. It is true that a victory can come in many guises! Getting rid of a Muzzhole slime bucket is according to Crazy Joe a big deal!

  3. Oh, the anticipatory glee I have bouncing around my mind.

    Like the ‘gift that keeps giving’, I envision Anthony Weiner’s perversion and ‘cockiness’
    opening layers and layers of criminal activities and obstruction leading, like bread crumbs, to not only the wicked witch, but to the tyrannical faux president!

    ‘Hope springs eternal’. Let it be so, please!

  4. Watch Hummus’s insurance carriers all cancel her policies, health, life, renters, etc… That smile belongs on a ’49 Buick Roadmaster grill, btw. Her days are numbered. Witness Protection may not be able to bypass the long tentacles of the demon Cankles. Best protection is the decap one.

  5. The beauty is that it was the NYPD and the NY DA’s office that discovered these emails and told the FBI about it.
    They are investigating his sexting a minor out of state and confiscated his computer.
    So…it’s not the FBI that deserves any credit in this.
    They had no choice but to re-open the investigation.
    This just gets better and better.

  6. I think we’re gonna go from Barrack the magic negro, to Huma the magic musloid infiltrator.

    Nothing will happen to them, and when the time comes they’ll all be pardoned by themselves.

    Isn’t that lovely, hmmmm?

  7. Comey is a limp lizard! He had a royal flush and folded his hand to DOI [Injusrice]. He had to act because NYPD was ready to make a suppository of the evidence.

  8. Let’s add it all up! Bernie Sanders just bought a 2nd vacation home! John Roberts just bought a 2nd vacation home. James Comey just bought a 2nd vacation home (he may have to sell his) When might Huma and Carlos buy a 2nd vacation home?

  9. “Don’t hatchet your Count before he chickens.”

    Sage advice then, as now.

    Something’s afoot and, as usual, We, the People (who ordained and established these United States – and are thus – Sovereign), will be left out in the Dark until our “Masters” decide the issue.

    izlamo delenda est …

  10. 650,000 emails! How many monkeys typing on keyboards twenty-four hours a day does it take to create 650,000 emails?

  11. The Clinton Foundation will assist huma, as a third world shithole refugee, providing housing daycare, money and attorneys.
    Saudi Arabia and the muslim brotherhood will provide religious instruction and security.

  12. I’m not sure Huma’s primary activity is meeting with lawyers.
    She may be meeting with a new security firm to guard against joining former Hillary pal Vince Foster by committing suicide in a near by park.

  13. If I were a political cartoonist I would show a house of cards with all the corrupt players and the Weiner card being pulled from the foundation.

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