Huma still loves Weiner

Breitbart: Huma Abedin ‘Working Hard’ to Save Marriage with Anthony Weiner.

Former Hillary Clinton operative Huma Abedin is reportedly “working hard” to save her marriage with former Democratic congressman Anthony Weiner, just months after the pair separated as a result of his multiple sexting scandals.

Sources close to the Abedin family told the New York Post that “Huma has been working hard on her relationship with Anthony. He has been spending 80 to 90 percent of his time at the [Irving Place apartment] they share. If there is a disagreement, he goes to his mother’s apartment in Brooklyn.”

“Both [his and her] families are hoping they will reconcile,” the source continued.  more

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  1. What’s with these two ultra liberal women, Hillary and Huma? They’re both so weak they let their guys get away with crimes that should imprison both of them. They’re both reduced to steaming piles of rubbish and shame, yet they are so desperate they both crawl back to unfaithful husbands? No woman in her right mind would have anything to do with those two classless unfaithful husbands.

  2. I have to wonder if the sleazebag Weiner doesn’t have a very valuable insurance policy in the form of digital archives that has the potential to tear down Huma’s Clinton gravy train. Wouldn’t be the first time blackmail kept a relationship together.

  3. She just wants to make sure she is the primary on his life insurance. As soon as Hillary can have that guy whacked she will pounce.

    Wiener will die an unnatural death.

  4. It’s a marriage of convenience so they can’t be forced to testify against each other in a court of law.

  5. Hillary is coming out of the woods, and Huma wants to get back with Weiner. Seems like they have nothing to fear. The bluster of justice was nothing more than a fart in a wind storm.

  6. It makes perfect sense to me-they were made for each other.
    Everyone knows their background and baggage; who the fuck would want to hook up with either of them?

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