Human $hitstains

Watch these morons nastily and aggressively force a woman out of a store in Staten Island for not wearing a mask.

Why doesn’t this stuff happen to me?

ht/ fdr in hell

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  1. The armband wearing jackbooted thugs did the same to Governor Blackface in VA Beach this weekend.



    They didn’t. They posed for selfies with him.

    It’s over for these Karens.

  2. Chimps.

    I hope their EBT cards weren’t loaded and had to pay cash.
    That chick should have gone to the manager and thanked them for not standing up for a customer and her child.

    Lefties are shit.

  3. What is scary is for all we know these are parents, teachers, or people that influence others. Truly despicable behavior. And where the hell was the store employees or did they start it.

  4. Little Nazis getting all within 6 feet to badger someone.
    I am getting that Mark Twain feeling toward the human race from about the time he wrote mysterious stranger

  5. A woman and her child. I imagine if her 6’-4”, 240 # Dock worker husband had been with her, the Karen’s would have kept their big yappers shut.

  6. Never underestimate the power of stupid people in large groups. And then they wonder why people hate their state and their clown of a governor.

  7. The wheeled unit showed up towards the end there but no sirens and lights so apparently it wasn’t that big a deal.

  8. We have the media to thank for whipping the lemmings into a frenzy. Of course DS virus seeded this so he and Gates could make money from vaccines that will take out those same lemmings.

  9. Shit could have gotten interesting if they laid their hands on her and she was carrying.

  10. I walked into the Wenatchee Costco last Thursday w/o any mask, showed my Costco card, did my shopping, paid my bill, bought two hotdogs for the kids and left w/o anybody giving me any shit. The one person who asked me why I didn’t have a mask on was told that I am not going to humiliate myself and it is the responsibility of those who are among any vulnerable populations to take precautions to protect themselves from exposure to the virus.

  11. My guess is they have info on the weaklings and the ones to stay clear of.

    WHY?? Because the offensive pricks are pussies….plain and simple.

  12. Quick survey, How many of them have TDS as well.
    Probably all of them. Been at home watching MSM all day.

  13. I ran into my hair dresser about a week ago at Fred Meyer. She recognized me, but a it took a minute to recognize her with her mask on. We were so happy to see someone we knew, we ducked into a quiet aisle and chewed the fat for about 20 minutes. She owns her own (very successful) salon here in the neighborhood and was able to use the PPA money for small business to pay her people, but the eight weeks for that was up the day I ran into her and she doesn’t know what she’s going to do now. Her rent isn’t cheap.

    Anyway, we spent almost the entire 20 minutes talking about how stupid Inslee’s plan for WA and CV19 is. Then she told me about going for a walk with her dog the other day. Said she was ACROSS the street from a woman who stopped and started shouting at her for not wearing a mask. Said the woman was completely unhinged, shouting and waving her finger at her the whole time. After waiting for the idiot to draw breath, my friend yelled back at her to just shut up; she wasn’t within six feet of her and to just calm herself. No dice. The woman continued to holler at her. I just cracked up when my friend then yelled at the woman to “Just Stop and Shut the Fuck Up!”. When that didn’t work, she told the gal she was going to sic her dog on her if she didn’t shut her mouth “this second!”

    LOL!! Now, my hairdresser/friend is a short little woman who never raises her voice to anyone. Wish I’d been there to see it.

  14. I think a huge bonfire of masks is in order and should become an annual event. The Bonfire of the Inanities.

  15. The store obviously had no mandatory face mask policy. She should sue the store. It’s sad to see these tribal creatures victorious in a situation like this. They’d never try this with someone like myself and a few others here. Because they are cowards and the odds have shifted to close to at least even. In reality I’d kill the first one that approached me. And probably end up in jail.

  16. MJA gets it right. A bunce of lowlife demwits chimpout – angry someone didn’t submit to, in truth, an ineffective way to stay safe from a virus.
    Ironically, these idiots are spewing enough spit shouting, without masks to infect all the shoppers in the store. Leftist “hypokrits” on display.

  17. The good news is that these Karens and Simons can be easily flipped with the right images and words from the right people. The bad news is that these Karens and Simons can be easily flipped with the right images and words from the right people.

  18. Brown Eyed Girl has it right. There are a lot of concealed carrying people out there. Be careful with your words and tone. Never start a fight. Never present a credible threat to a stranger.

    I do not want to be thrust into that situation, but I am prepared, just in case.

    Play stupid games…win stupid prizes (like a bullet to the chest).

  19. Thirdtwin

    They are highly social city dwelling herd animals that have no ability to think logically. In fact they detest dealing with facts or logic. And sometimes they vote.

  20. It’s like seeing old videos of lunch counter protests.

    What are you doing here? If you don’t leave now something bad’s gonna happen.

    There is freedom to express yourself in the anonymity of the mob.

  21. Unless we put an end to this nonsense, it will escalate quickly. Soon these folks will be physically assaulting the “non-compliant”, perhaps worse. Watch your ass out there – these people are nuts!


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