Human Waste, Abandoned Cars Create Potential Enviro-Disaster at DAPL Protest Camp

( – The risk of environmental destruction due to waste, trash, and vehicles left behind by Dakota Access Pipeline protestors is now so grave that North Dakota Governor Doug Burgum signed an emergency evacuation order for the area on Wednesday night. Protestors who continue to “unlawfully occupy” the protest camps must leave so that “insufficient” cleanup efforts can be “quickly accelerated.”

The executive order stated that “months of accumulated debris, including human waste … abandoned vehicles and unlawful temporary and permanent dwelling structures … has created significant health and public safety risks as well as environmental hazards.” reported last week that the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers must shut down and remediate Dakota Access Pipeline protest camps to avoid “significant environmental damage” from the protestors’ trash, debris, and untreated waste.

On Tuesday, Western Wire reported that the North Dakota Towing Association is working 24 hours a day to remove roughly 200 vehicles left behind by pipeline protestors before seasonal floods sweep the cars and trucks into the Missouri River.  MORE

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  1. Each and every one of those abandoned cars is a registration, VIN, and maybe a license plate. Run the info down to the individual, and go knocking on the doors. Give them a bill for 1/200th of the cost of the cleanup. If they refuse to pay, throw their sorry asses in jail, confiscate assets as needed. GET TOUGH on these entitlement skumbags. Enough is enough.

  2. Every abandoned vehicle has a registered owner; bill them for the towing. Dozens of “environmentalist groups” organized, publicized, and paid for this protest; bill them, charge them under RICO statutes and seize their assets.

  3. The true environmentalists who care about what they are protesting were completely overwhelmed by the leftists attempting to destroy our country.

    Only paid agitators would leave their valuables behind, including vehicles(?!?), because they have no value to them. Why do they have no value? Because they were never worked for, chosen to use, or wanted. They had been given by deep pockets to get to a fairly inaccessible place, then left behind.

    How do we stop the co-opting of our protests? That is the pressing question, as I see it. People of good intention are being used and abused by radical leftists in this case and others, and I see no easy solution.

  4. Phony protest.
    Phony protesters.
    Protesters paid.
    Protesters transported to location.
    Protesters given supplies.

    They left their crap lay because they didn’t pay for it.
    No one leaves belongings behind if they had paid for it.

    Most likely paid for by Obama or Gore or Soros or all three.

  5. Come to think about it there is probably a falsified stolen vehicle report, and an fraudulent insurance claim to prosecute as well. We should be talking JAIL TIME!!

  6. Tony, my computer froze up. I had to reset the site due to unresponsiveness. When it came back up the second time there were all of these comments. We are all on the same page. No worries.

  7. At least cleanup efforts will be a little bit easier because the worst of the hazardous waste got up and walked away. Unfortunately it’ll be polluting another protest site somewhere else soon enough.

  8. @G.W. Long February 17, 2017 at 10:39 am &
    @Tony R February 17, 2017 at 10:39 am

    And, don’t forget, it was G.W. Long’s idea, so he gets half the take. And, Tony R seconded it, so he gets half. And, Doug Burgum signed the paperwork, so he should get sumpin’ sumpin’. Use whatever’s left to do the work.

  9. these violent rioters are all paid employees of the billions-funded professional ENVIRONMENTAL INDUSTRYtm – there is nothing “grassroots” about these groups. It’s all fake AstroTurf, all the time, at every place they riot.

  10. Hey, folks, if you want to gid rid of some accumulated junk from around the yard for free just pack it up and drop it off at a progressive rally aka riot!

  11. Not condoning what these useful idiots have done but if left alone, potential enviro disasters such as this become archaeological sites and abandoned cars and other trash left become artifacts.

  12. “Hey, folks, if you want to gid rid of some accumulated junk from around the yard for free just pack it up and drop it off at a progressive rally aka riot!”

    Glen Glenn, that’s exactly how the prog riots start: Mom getting useless junk out of the basement and dropping it off at a prog riot.

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