Hungary will waive income taxes for life if Hungarian women have 4 or more babies

Hungary does not want to be absorbed into the EU’s plan to “brown” Europe, so they are paying Hungarian women to have more babies.

See the plan HERE.

The fact is, the United States has been doing this for decades, but in reverse. We’ve subsidized the birthing of minority children, and discouraged the growth of middle class white families by stigmatizing the family unit, ridiculing religion, encouraging women to work outside of the home, expanding abortion, fear-mongering about depleting resources, obfuscating traditional sexual roles…

If blacks weren’t killing each other at alarming rates, or wallowing away in prisons on an array of violent crimes, whites would already be a minority in the United States.

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  1. Lazlo’s heart aches.
    If I were young again I would move to Hungary and raise up more than 4 strong sons

  2. Lazlo, I should send you a plane ticket to go over there, so you could at least die trying with a smile on your face.

  3. Mr, BFH- this ad business that hijacks my tablet is a fine source of annoyance. I love this site, but the controlling element is repulsive. Thanks for your time.

  4. Hungary was an ally of the Krauts in WWII and this is the old Mutterkreuz gimmick.

    that being said, don’t forget more black babies being aborted than carried to term.

    The result? The smart ones are what’s left. 16% of the black vote along with a third of the Hispanic vote went to Cruz last year. Same for Scott in FL.

    The Lefties so love evolution, now they can see how it really works.

  5. How about a go fund me ‘Lazlo indiscriminate dispersal of semen throughout Hungary’ page?

    And yeah. A woman with four kids probably doesn’t participate in the workforce economy and this tax break is an empty promise. I appreciate the notion of repopulation of natives though. And lazlo being fruitful and replenishing Hungary.

    If you get tired, laz, call me.

  6. PHenry…. Over the top: “How about a go fund me ‘Lazlo indiscriminate dispersal of semen throughout Hungary’ page?….”

    Yuck. Big yuck. ….Lady in Red

  7. The “Seven Sons Project” is definitely a more user friendly term…. as well as being less sticky.

    The “indiscriminate” part is where I have issues. The man’s not a can of silly string after all.

  8. In America we have right people doing the wrong thing: Married, skilled educated, loving, responsible, God fearing, moral, principled parents are limiting their family sizes. Complete opposites are breeding like rats.

  9. I had a coworker who was English. He and I used to have fun running down each others countries. I told him that when I was stationed in England with the USAF back in the 70’s, my real mission there was to spread my DNA far and wide through the Queen’s realm as to improve the gene pool in that overly inbred country. I told him the USAF had done a study and concluded that all the GI’s who had the pick of the litter during WWII when it came to English war brides had really hurt the breeding population there. Since the GI’s naturally chose to marry the prettiest and most intelligent women available and bring them back to the US, the English breeding stock had suffered immeasurable damage and the USAF wanted to do what it could to help. I told him that was why so many English people were so ugly and lacking in intelligence. I told him this in a room full of people just after he ranted about how America was inferior to England. The room exploded into laughter and he knew he’s been put in his place. We both actually had much respect for each others countries.

  10. In America, we pay to abort a welfare queens’ 10th child. In Hungary, they do the opposite.

    We have rotted from within.

  11. Yeah!

    Now I can start cracking all those Polish jokes, again. Just replace Pollock with Hunky, and the stupid still “works.”

    (And, for those netizens, yearning to be Pollocks Hunkies: What happens when you offer baby-mamas even more gibs for crapping out even more chillins?

    Teh stoopid! It burns!)

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