Hunter Biden Emails Reveal Founder of Facebook’s DC Office BANNED Accounts At Biden’s Request As Family Made Millions From “Silicon Valley Dems”

–Adam Conner, Vice President of Center For American Progress founded Facebook’s Washington DC office in 2007 and BANNED Facebook Accounts At Hunter Biden’s Request While Working For Facebook

— Adam Conner went on to work for John Podesta and Barack Obama

Loomered: It has been two months since Hunter Biden’s emails were leaked to the public, exposing his father’s shady ties to influence peddling in the Ukraine during his time as Vice President.

While the mainstream media chose to ignore the emails which directly compromised Joe Biden, the Democrat nominee for President, the emails still need to be thoroughly examined as they provide evidence to another growing threat in our nation: Big Tech election interference through political censorship.

Throughout the 2020 election cycle, it became increasingly evident that Big Tech was purging accounts on Facebook and Twitter that were critical of Joe Biden, Hunter Biden, and accounts that expressed support for President Trump. The censorship became too big to ignore when both Twitter and Facebook locked the account of the New York Post and limited their ability to share and post news stories after the New York Post published a bombshell report detailing some of Hunter Biden’s emails that were provided to them by Rudy Guiliani, President Trump’s attorney. The emails proved that Hunter Biden introduced his father to a top Ukranian energy firm executive while he was Vice President, which means Joe Biden used his influence as Obama’s Vice President to enrich his family through lucrative business deals with foreign nations like Ukraine and China, compromising the integrity of the Vice Presidency, as well as US national security.

Facebook went as far as “fact checking” Hunter’s emails and banned accounts that posted the emails or the New York Post story, automatically labeling all Hunter Biden stories and emails as “Russian disinformation”.

In a statement, Facebook’s Policy Communication’s Director Andy Stone said, read more

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  1. That makes them an active participant in the conspiracy. Get the bastards under oath and charge them. If they cooperate they can get off as unindited coconspirators and get a pass. If they refuse to cooperate give them the General Flynn treatment.

  2. “Center For American Progress ”

    Doesn’t the left just love mocking all that is decent, through language?

    Progress. As in, progressives?
    Not radicals. Not subversives. Not fascists. But progressives.

    What reasonable person would get in the way of progress?

    To all the dumbfucks who DID vote for Biden (and there were plenty): YOU are as bad as the child molesters, the thieves in government, the human traffickers, the real racists out there! You enable them, and their decadence.

    If you were that stupid, Don’t Vote Ever again.


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