Hunter Biden Ends Joe Biden’s Career

What can you say about Joe Biden’s sons except – well – they’re half in the bag.


12 Comments on Hunter Biden Ends Joe Biden’s Career

  1. I only have one question –
    After half a century of being an absolute Jackass, whut on Earth could possibly embarrass this Tourettes-addled, grinning imbecile with the mental agility of a small soap dish?

  2. Joe Biden’s “career” ??

    Did Al Capone have a career? WTF!
    Did Attila the Hun, or Jeffrey Dahmer have CAREERS?!!!??!!!

    Joe Biden spent his life lying, spending other peoples’ money, and riding AMTRAK for free. GMAFB!

  3. What fun! What a spectacle! The Plagiarist and the Plutocrat. Both of them doomed to exposure, because they figured they were never going to face an educated, enraged citizenry. Operation Hurricane Blowback was not in their retirement plans.

  4. He’s another in a long line of spoiled and entitled offspring of well entrenched political figures.
    In particular this gonorrhea magnet has abandoned any sense of decency and crossed every line short of murder{that we know of}.
    Hopefully the sun is finally setting on this family of parasites.


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