Hunter Biden Seeks to Delay Paternity Deposition Until After Key Primary Votes

WFB: Hunter Biden is asking a judge to delay his child support deposition scheduled for next week in Arkansas until April 1—a date when the key early primaries for his father Joe Biden’s presidential campaign will be finished—according to a court motion filed by his attorney on Tuesday.

Brent M. Langdon, Hunter Biden’s attorney, argued in the court filing that his client was unable to appear in Little Rock, Arkansas for the looming deposition next week, calling it “unduly burdensome and oppressive.”

10 Comments on Hunter Biden Seeks to Delay Paternity Deposition Until After Key Primary Votes

  1. Justice delayed is justice denied. Hunter dragged his feet as long as he possible could for the paternity test, and then in turning over his financials to the court, now it’s time for the judge to throw the book at him.

  2. Paternity hearings should be a thing of the past. Why should a man be deemed responsible for a bunch of cells sluffed out of a woman!

  3. Were I the Judge I’d have a couple of questions for Biden’s shyster like:
    “How much time, in grams, does yer client need exactly?”
    “Oh and by the way, doesn’t your client find dildos hammered into his ass, what was your term… burdensome?”

  4. I dunno, Hunter. It might help your dad out with the Florida Man vote if you were hashing out paternity in court with a pole-wrangler while dad was campaigning. Remember, there are lots of Florida Men in most every Southern state. Turn Super Tuesday into Stripper Tuesday!

  5. Unduly burdensome?

    Does hunter actually have a job right now?

    And how does his ex-wife and his ex-sister-in-law/ex-girlfriend, feel about his ex-girlfriend/stripper/baby mama?

    And I used to tell my wife that “the Young & the Restless” was totally unrealistic.


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