Hunter Biden to Meet Art Shoppers, Despite WH Claim of Anonymity

Newsmax: Despite the White House’s deal to keep Hunter Biden’s potential art buyers anonymous to avoid any appearance of conflicts of interest or undue influence, the son of the president is going to meet with potential purchasers in person.

Hunter Biden, a first-time artist, plans to attend the small, private art showings before his works are sold, likely at six-figure prices.

“Oh, yes, with pleasure — he’s looking forward to it,” Georges Berges Gallery spokeswoman Robin Davis told CBS News when asked if Hunter Biden will attend the viewings in Los Angeles and New York.

“It is like someone debuting in the world, and of course he will be there.”

Notably, there is a Chinese term that means “elegant bribery” in the selling of subjective artwork, a “widespread” practice in China, The New York Times reported in 2014. more

11 Comments on Hunter Biden to Meet Art Shoppers, Despite WH Claim of Anonymity

  1. Don Jr. should quickly throw some paint on a canvass and attend the same art show letting everyone know his dad will be back in office no later than 2024. Let’s see how the media handles that.

  2. Humper Obiden Bama, the great artiste, has never met a square deal, nor turned away from a quick dollar, a Ukrainian hryvnia, a Russian ruble, a Chinese yuan, or any opportunity to help the Big Guy. But don’t take my word for it, according to the Big Guy hisself, there are “50 former intelligence folks” who say that Humper is easily the best new artist since Norman Vincent Van Gogh Rockwell got his start doing street art in Vermin Beach 150 years ago.

  3. His paintings are the result of blowing thru a straw instead of inhaling thru one. Yet I’m sure he did that while painting too.


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