Hunter Biden’s ex-wife announces her memoir on scandal-filled marriage – IOTW Report

Hunter Biden’s ex-wife announces her memoir on scandal-filled marriage

BPR: Buhle, 53, asserted that her ex-husband spent copious amounts of their money on alcohol, drugs, hookers, and strip clubs according to a legal filing in their 2017 divorce proceedings. more

17 Comments on Hunter Biden’s ex-wife announces her memoir on scandal-filled marriage

  1. Smart Slut.
    Strike while the Iron is Hot to Sell Books.

    I wonder though,
    Will Amazon and all the leftie bookstores stock & sell it?

    I’m also sure she was a complete Angel, pure of heart & Kind to her servants while she was Lady of the House.

  2. It’s only dirt on Hunter. Otherwise the FBI would have raided and seized all of the evidence for their own purposes.

  3. DBad
    JANUARY 14, 2022 AT 1:18 PM
    “It’s comforting to know the FBI will thoroughly investigate any alleged wrong doing…or not.”

    They will probably be given a list of people who bought it by liberal booksellers so they can raid your house at 3 A.M. to seize it and arrest you for sedition for having it, and detain you untl your trial date to be determined in 5 or 50 years…

  4. …it be like this…

    “Captain Esteban: Arrest that woman! Now!
    Charlotte Taylor Wilson: No, wait! Isn’t this the village square, where according to law, everyone is allowed to speak his or her mind?
    Captain Esteban: You’re right, Señorita. [yelling to the crowd] The woman is allowed to speak! But arrest anyone who listens.”
    -Zorro, The Gay Blade (1981)

  5. The media will give this even less attention than his laptop.
    The word is probably already out and this gets zero traction.

  6. My inclination is that people who marry into these dirtbag political families know what they are signing up for. My experience has been that they are as bad or worse than what they married.

  7. @Anon

    “Nancy Pelosi’s son Paul was involved in FIVE companies probed by the feds as shocking paper trail connects him to a slew of fraudsters and convicted criminals:”

    Now now, we can’t auto expect Saint Nan’s son to be like his mama. She’s RC, goes to mass every Sunday, and clutches the bible constantly, even when she lies. That’s a hard path to follow.

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