Hunter Biden’s Paintings Sell for More Than Picasso’s

Dan Bongino-

Hunter Biden, the newest artist on the block, is already seeing his paintings sell more than some of Pablo Picasso’s works – an artist that’s a household name and actually produced decent art.

While he doesn’t have much experience, Hunter does bear the Biden surname, which is itself enough to make his scribblings worth tens to hundreds of thousands. more here

18 Comments on Hunter Biden’s Paintings Sell for More Than Picasso’s

  1. Could be worse.

    We COULD have video of HIM writhing around in HIS underwear and body paint just like that gal earlier, and the quality would be about the same…

  2. Picasso’s “Blue Period” pieces could almost pass as art.
    (course, everybody’s a critic)

    izlamo delenda est …

  3. Just spit ballin’ here, but maybe Picasso’s art is less expensive because his father isn’t a corrupt president*??

  4. People also pay tens of thousands of dollars for art that doesn’t exist so crazy people do crazy things! I wonder how much money paintings by Don Jr would sell for? No one could complain.

  5. Picasso may not be to everyone’s taste but he is definitely better than the Crack Smoking Asshole.

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