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Hunter Has a Legal Defense Fund

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Ask yourself, how could such a legal defense fund be anything but a scam with the understanding that it’ll curry favor with Joe Biden? It’s not like Hunter Biden is some persecuted politician with an army of supporters to donate. The only people giving to that fund would be high-rollers in the political arena, and high-rollers don’t give away their money out of the goodness of their hearts. Continues

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  1. So to pay for his legal defense against charges of corruption (and treason) he sets up a fund which is nothing more than…more corruption! Unbelievable!

  2. I guess he needs to concentrate more on his artistic talents. Maybe he should transition into Sculpture like Michael Angelo. Maybe his dad could get him a gig painting a ceiling at he White House or a commission for a Last Supper themed painting of the leaders of the Democrat party.

  3. SAC VET – So far as his “artwork” is concerned, someone told him to “go blow it out yer ass” so he did… and called it art!

  4. Just another biden crime family slush fund.The pedo will pardon all of hunter’s federal crimes , state crimes won’t be prosecuted.


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