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Hunter Strikes Back

UK Daily Mail

Hunter Biden is going on the offense with his lawyers now asking the Justice Department to investigate former President Donald Trump’s allies, who peddled his laptop’s hard drive to media outlets in the run-up to the 2020 election. 

The first son’s lawyer Abbe Lowell asked the DOJ to probe former Trump strategist Steve Bannon, campaign lawyer and former New York City Mayor Rudy Giuliani, Giuliani’s lawyer and the owner of the Wilmington computer repair shop, John Paul Mac Isaac, who obtained the laptop in April 2019. Attack

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  1. Shouldn’t you Humper be going after the computer shop owner, you know Humper, the guy you intentionally left your lap tops with so he could spill the goods on your dad Pedo Joe and yourself. Can’t point fingers now!

  2. Hunter taking the opportunity to use the Democrat Weaponized Federal Agencies to exact revenge for his stupidity, drug use, pedophilia and perversions.

  3. This guy has to be the world’s biggest jerk, so cry me a river 😩 You should be sitting in a cell for the rest of your life ahole 🤬

    You made your bed so lie in it 😁 seeing as though you have a lot of practice of laying in bed 😜

  4. If the journos hated Hunter like they hate Trump…

    “A Frustrated Hunter Biden, Increasingly Isolated, Lashes Out At Critics”

  5. Its fourth down in the fourth quarter this hideous pervert! He knows he’s gotta punt so he’s down to pullin a Hard Count… and no one’s falling for it. He’s gonna have to go for it and he’ll wind up scrambling, screaming and skiddin in his own shit around the backfield only to get creamed so hard his used car salesman grandpa will feel it!

    Hey – I can dream can’t I?

  6. “… who peddled his laptop’s hard drive …”
    Isn’t that irrefutable proof of the veracity of the contents AND Hunter’s ownership?

    mortem tyrannis
    izlamo delenda est …

  7. The degenerate lowlife Biden son never had a job, never had anything to offer anyone, never contributed to society, is a comical wannabe unbathed artist who preys on vulnerable women and children, finds attention by rubbing shoulders with other societal lowlifes, and has never accomplished a thing in his drug-induced life and neither has taken any responsibility for his vulgar actions. He belongs to a group of people he calls “family” and who are as gross and white-trailer trashy as he is. His recent ploy regarding DJ is vaudeville comic and not even a good one. The std-infested Biden “smart” son belongs nowhere except on the Gong Show.

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