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Hurricane Biden’s Path Of Destruction

Now that Hurricane Ian is headed for Florida, the folly of Biden’s tactic is on full display.

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That’s not to say he shouldn’t have seen this coming. Jeffrey Lord predicted this exact scenario back in July.

“The Biden administration, for political purposes with an eye on the November election, is using the SPR to lower the price of gas. And just where is the SPR getting its crude in the first place? That would be the Gulf of Mexico — which is exactly where so many hurricanes wind up in the United States,” Lord wrote at The American Spectator. “All of which means Biden is lowering U.S. reserves — and taking the chance that no hurricane will hit the gulf in this coming hurricane season that will halt the ability of the U.S. to refill the reserves it has used for the purely political purpose of lowering the price of gas at the pump.”

Hurricane Ian is currently in the southeastern Gulf of Mexico, heading to Florida. More

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  1. Never underestimate Joe’s ability to fuck things up. A quote from the first illegal alien homosexual mixed race president we’ve ever suffered.

  2. while it’s easy low hanging fruit to blast Biden, hurricanes only shut down rigs in the gulf for 2 days max and the sdr only has about a day of US consumption if you were to draw it down to zero. where Biden sucks is his ban on new leasing in the gulf which is on going and not a 2 day deal. and regular at Krogers in Louisiana is 2.79

  3. Karma for Disney? Florida just got swallowed up. Disney says they are just fine, thank you. Biden will be sending aid. Here DeSantis you get $1.00, enjoy.


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