Husband’s Counter-Suit To Wife’s Lawsuit Sounds Like Something Bill Clinton Would Say


A Turkish woman has filed for divorce claiming on grounds that her nine-year marriage became unbearable after her husband started to wear “sexy” thongs and pantyhose at home.

According to the woman’s lawyer who spoke to daily Hürriyet after filing the divorce case at Istanbul’s Gaziosmanpaşa Family Court, the husband started to put on make-up and wear women’s clothes two years ago.

“When my client attempted to discuss the issue, he used violence on her,” the lawyer said. “My client is currently in depression. She doesn’t want to continue her marriage. We want a divorce and a compensation of 200,000 Turkish Liras.”

Sounds reasonable. What does the husband say?

Meanwhile, the husband filed a counter-suit, claiming that the woman “insulted him by asking whether he is a man or not,” while also questioning his fertility.


How dare she be concerned with my crossdressing!?! I’m suing her for this insult!

Very clever. Very Clintonesque.

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  1. Given that Muhammad wore the dress of his child-bride Aisha and said that he got his best revelations in her clothing. Figured he might go with that angle and make it Haal.

    Mishkat Al Masabih, Volume II, p. 1361—She told that the people used to choose: ‘A’isha’s day to bring their gifts, seeking thereby to please God’s messenger. She said that God’s messenger’s wives were in two parties, one including ‘A’isha, Hafsa, Safiya, and Sauda, and the other including Umm Salama and the rest of God’s messenger’s wives. Umm Salama’s party spoke to her telling her to ask God’s messenger to say to the people, “If anyone wishes to make a present to God’s messenger, let him present it to him wherever he happens to be.” She did so and he replied, “Do not annoy me regarding ‘A’isha, for inspiration has not come to me when I was in any woman’s garment but ‘A’isha’s.” They then called Fatima, sent her to God’s messenger, and she spoke to him, but he replied, “Do you not like what I like, girlie?” She said, “Certainly,” so he said, “Then love this woman.”

  2. “He” wants to be as a woman? She should “Lorena Bobbit” him. He has no further use for his drainspout.


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